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Winchester Municipal Airport Authority

at Winchester Municipal Airport

  • Airport management
  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Pilot supplies
  • Rental cars delivered
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Courtesy cars (free for pilots to use in the local area)
  • Public telephone
  • ...
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: during regular FBO business hours, plus after hours call-out service (with prior arrangement and/or a callout fee); call FBO for details
Fuel prices as last reported on 15-Jan-2019
100LL Avgas Full service    $3.54 Reported by the FBO
100LL Avgas Self service    $3.54 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $3.81 Reported by the FBO
Discounts: Jet A
250 to 499 gallons gets $.10 off per gallon
500 to 999 gallons gets $.20 off per gallon
1000 and above gets $.30 off per gallon
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:420 Aviation Dr
Winchester, TN 37398
United States of America
Telephone: 931-967-3148
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Comments from AirNav users
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From James Schielein on 09-Jan-2019

  Winchester is an absolutely must stop airport. I have used them for the past 4 years as my intermediate stop between Illinois and Florida. The staff is friendly and helpful, prices the best around and phenomenal service. Our last stop on 1/5/2019, one of the guys even walked our dog to make sure she was ready to go on our last leg back home!!!! Thanks guys......You run a great airport!
From Martin Pauly on 14-Oct-2018

  Winchester has become my favorite fuel & lunch stop on the way to and from Florida. Avgas is affordable, the FBO building is modern and clean, and the airport staff is extremely helpful and kind. With a crew car, numerous options for food are available within ten minutes.
From Wes Mattingly KGMU on 14-Dec-2017

  11/22/2017 Third time stopping here. Very nice facility and great staff. This time was late evening for fuel on the way to KCEY for family Thanksgiving. Excellent, well-lit set up. Ready to leave and had vac. Issues. We were able to access the pilot's lounge and spend a comfortable night (24 deg. Outside). Had pizza delivered thought the fence. This is a great stop! I highly recommend Winchester, TN. I know my wife and I will continue to stop here.

Response from Joshua Abramson, Airport Manager, Winchester Municipal Airport Authority
Thank you for your continued patronage and for the comment Wes. If in the future you encounter any trouble like that while in Winchester, please feel free to call us on the after hours phone line. We're more than happy to come out and help make arrangements for you, no charge necessary.

From Roger Olson on 11-Oct-2017

  Once again the staff out did themselves. This is a wonderful airport to refuel and overnight. Cheap fuel and courtesy cars are the norm. Good job Winchester Airport
From Tom Kinnear on 23-Jun-2017

  The crew at the FBO was clearly outstanding. I diverted for weather. A line of TS was coming through the area and the crew asked if I'd like to put the plane in a hangar. Don arranged for my room in Winchester and gave me a courtesy car for the night. Thanks for all the help and Semper Fi brother!
From Chris Prentice on 14-Apr-2017

  Had to make a trip from SC to Ark. Stopped in for fuel both going and coming back. Excellent - excellent stop and they help with the fueling. This is a top notch place.
From Armand Bendersky on 11-Apr-2017

  What a great and friendly spot to stop on any flight from the north to the south and vice versa. Warm and friendly people who are there to help. Their self service fuel is NOT! They do the fueling for you and invite you to enjoy their comfortable office and lounge. Prices are always fair and it's a pleasure to do business there.
From Elliott Ross on 21-Nov-2016

  Cheapest fuel in entire area and they put it in for you!
From Fred Marashi on 12-Oct-2016

  We arrived to refuel on October 6, 2016 on our way to West Virginia. The service was as impeccable as always and the folks were as friendly and welcoming as always. After having our lunch in the very comfortable and pleasant FBO, we had problem with getting the engine started. I was referred to Mr. John Foote, the A&P on the field who based on my description of the problem determined and I needed to replace magnetos, which my A&P also confirmed on the phone. They both said that the engine would most likely start after it had time to cool off in which case we could go to our destination and have them replaced. John helped me to take the cowling off to get the model numbers and meanwhile the engine cooled off and started as predicted. He then had them ordered and to be shipped to our destination airport for Monday delivery. He refused to charge me for his services. I highly recommend visiting the facility on your way for refueling or just stretching your legs in a very pleasant FBO.
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