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Moore County Airport

Moore County Airport
UNICOM 122.80

715 S. Dumas Ave, room 202
[2 miles west on Hwy 87]
Dumas, TX 79029
United States of America

Fax 806-934-4827

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Airport management
  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Courtesy cars (free for pilots to use in the local area)
  • Public telephone
  • Pilots lounge / snooze room
  • Restrooms
  • Hogg's BBQ restaurant NOW OPEN on the field
Aviation fuel services
Brand: EPIC
Fueling hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-5pm
After hours service available by calling Brandon at 806-676-6412

Self-service 100LL available 24 horus a day with a credit card
100LL Avgas Assisted/Self Service    $3.70
Jet A Full service    $2.65
Prices include all taxes.
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From Dan Lipko on 09-Dec-2017

  A XC helo flight and a late arrival into Moore Co. Brandon the manager was excellent with transportation and a hotel for the night. Met me early the next morning to fuel and to continue on. Couldn't ask for any better service. And yes there is a BBQ restaurant right next door.
From Steve Harrold on 07-Oct-2017

  Super friendly folks. Restaurant is great!!! Highly recommend making a stop here.
From Bryan Bogle on 30-May-2017

  Great stop in the Panhandle. Freddie with the FBO helped me pump the nicely priced 100LL on Memorial Day. KDUX is my main Panhandle fuel stopped and now there's a restaurant on the field (was closed on Memorial Day). I'll be back!
From Dane Knowlton on 28-May-2017

  Did a chow flight from northern NM.... Great place to stop for fuel, great prices! Nice, clean FBO, very accommodating. And you know, fill your main tank as well at the on-field restaurant, HOGG's BBQ, not just BBQ but breakfast all day as well. All the facilities were very clean, well kept. Restaurant has great service, great staff, great food and friendly folks all around. I'll certainly return.
From Steve Urban on 10-May-2017

  Great airport and with 24hr self serve and some of the cheapest fuel prices I have seen it will be a stop for me in the future.
From James Ronnau on 29-Apr-2017

  Great fuel stop on the way to the US Southwest. Breakfast all day and NW TX BBQ. Look for the Studebaker front end on the wall.
From Marv Miniely on 03-Apr-2017

  Great airport with friendly and helpful people. Weather kept me from continuing up to Canada. I crashed on the couch for three nights. Courtesy car for going in for meals. But the restaurant opened on April 1. Good people, good facility, good fuel price, what more can we ask for. Thanks y'all.
From Grant Monnig on 19-Mar-2017

  I needed to leave Kansas City area the night before my planned departure due to icing conditions. The guys at Moore County were awesome. I called at 8:00PM (after hours) to see if there was any transportation available for my midnight arrival. They left the keys to the airport car for me so I could get to the hotel. Fuel prices are awesome too, kept the thirsty Comanche happy.
From Kelly Grant on 28-Aug-2016

  Stopped fuel stop. Fast turnaround. Loaned me car to run to Dairy Queen. Town is close and traffic is light. Lots of restaurant choices just couple of miles from the airport. Great rural fuel stop.
From Bruce McElhoe on 22-Jul-2016

  Brandon again offered exceptional service. I asked for a shady place to make a minor repair, and he put me in a hangar. He was extremely helpful.
From Dan Nottingham on 07-Jun-2016

  Great airport for quick fuel stop or overnight. Courtesy car and local hotels nearby. Everything you need. Unfortunately I needed an A&P, luckily they had one and he did a great job.
From Brett O'Connell on 15-Dec-2015

  Stopped in late Tuesday evening for fuel on trip from LA to Atlanta. Called ahead to reserve crew car, upon arrival crew car was MIA. Called number on desk, manager drove right out (less than 5 minutes) and let me use his truck for the evening. When we departed early next morning plane was fueled (Jet-A) as promised. These people really appreciate your business and do everything they can to earn it. If it were possible to give more than five stars I would!
From Brian McDonough on 02-Jul-2015

  Stopped in after hours on my way from Denver to south Texas. No one was around but the self serve pump worked great and took credit cards without a hitch. FBO was accessible for restrooms, cold water and vending machines. Nothing fancy, but exactly what I needed, a quick turnaround with cheap fuel.
From Michael Dunlevie on 30-Jun-2015

  Ditto to all the "this place is/these people are great comments. KDUX is a keeper on my list.
From Jim Hefner on 22-Jun-2015

  This is my fuel stop in the panhandle on Midwest trips from Tucson. Friendly and helpful folks here, with courtesy cars to go into town for food or overnight. Fuel price is always the best in the area. Highly recommend DUX as a stopping point.
From Dave Isono on 04-Jun-2015

  This was a great place to stop. I called ahead to tell them I was stopping for gas and tied down overnight. They left keys for a crew car to use overnight. Great gas prices also.
From Robert Beverly on 16-May-2015

  This was my second stop for fuel during the last two years on the way to ABQ. Even though it's a self-serve pump, the friendly staff came out to help. With consistently low fuel prices for the area, DUX is highly recommended.
From Lynn Farnsworth Lancair Super Legacy N23LF Race #44 on 20-Apr-2015

  My trip was from the Mojave Spaceport airport, CA to the Rome, GA airport. The Moore County airport in midway between the two airports. I arrived late Sunday evening and there were no airport personnel present. I needed to RON and continue the flight the next day. I found Brandon Cox's phone number (airport manager). I told him I had just landed, needed to spend the night and asked for suggestions on a hotel and a way to get there. He said, " take the pickup that is in the parking lot; the key is in it and if you go to the Hampton and tell them I sent you they will give you a discount". I was very surprised at how easily he solved my RON problems. The next morning he was equally as helpful in getting me fueled an on my way. An added bonus is the price of fuel; the lowest around. Great service and great place to fuel up. Moore County may be a small airport but they are exceptional with service.
From Jared Ziobro, N4590U on 28-Mar-2015

  Great service and great attitude from everyone here. You can tell they really care about aviation and customer service. Thanks again guys for the attention and dedication.
From Evan Baas on 21-Feb-2015

  Man was waiting at the pump when I arrived, passed him my credit card and he had the plane fueled nearly before I exited the plane! Very friendly and helpful service. Priced right too!
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