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Newberry County Airport Commission

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From John Taylor on 18-Oct-2019

  This airport has had a major upgrade. There's a parallel taxiway (the former runway?), excellent new ramp paving and a beautiful small terminal building with a shower, planning room and quiet room. Congratulations to Newberry County on their vision and execution.
From Robert Cochell on 12-Nov-2018

  I purchased fuel here Nov 9 at $4.96 and it did take two swipes of the card to accomplish the task. There is a number to call for problems. Yes, they are demolishing the old Pilot facility and spending $500, 000 on a new one! (Local pilot provided the dollar information). There is a "port a let" for the temporary restroom facility, which was actually very nice for such devices. I still utilize the local cabs (Trinity), as there is no UBER as yet in Newberry. A cab ride to town is $6.00! Nice town with many good places to eat on Main St or "The Palms" on Wilson Rd, but the cab is likely $7.00 to The Palms. The runway and ramp are in excellent condition, resurfaced recently and with the new building supposed to be ready in 6-months (I don't believe that either) it will be a really nice place to visit
From Jay Seward on 28-Oct-2018

  As of this date, there is no fuel at KEOE. They are demolishing the old FBO building so there are no bathrooms either. The fuel pump will not verify a credit card and I tried many. I suspect they cut the phone line taking out the building. So EOE is a no go for such services for now. I'll write when it is restored. Hopefully a NOTAM will be published.
From Robert Cochell on 22-Oct-2018

  The gate code is the local Unicom frequency and that should have a placard on somewhere on the gate and door code pads with that information
From Karl Lenker on 02-Sep-2018

  Hey guys! Since this website is only accessed by REAL pilots, would you mind leaving the GATE CODE posted under your AIRPORT INFORMATION block so we can access the gate etc. after hours when no one answers any of your phone numbers?
From David Bryant on 04-Jun-2017

  Landed Newberry after hours and could not open the gate beside the terminal to exit to the street side. Gate open button inoperative. :(
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