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Otherwise known as the Conch Republic, as soon as you walk into the FBO at Key West you instantly feel at a resort. This unique location boasts scenic drives, scuba diving and fishing. So sit back, relax and enjoy cycling around Downtown Key West. Where the sunsets are spectacular, the seafood fresh, and the atmosphere inviting.
Key West International Airport
UNICOM 122.95

3471 S Roosevelt Blvd
Key West, FL 33040-5234
United States of America

Fax 305-296-4141

Text us your service requests via Zingle: +1 305 912 1160

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • 100LL Line Service
  • Automotive Fuel
  • Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (Prist)
  • Jet A Line Service
  • Signature Status and TailWins
  • Speaks: English and Spanish
  • Signature QuickTurn
  • International Trash Disposal
  • Nitrogen/Oxygen
  • Potable Water
  • Transient Hangar Space
  • Courtesy Cars
  • Aircraft Parking Long Term
  • 15,000 sq. ft. Hangar Space
  • 220,000 sq. ft. Ramp Space
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 0700L - 2100L
Call out available on request.
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.92
Jet A Full service    $6.988
Discounts: Weekend TakeOff: 50 cents per gallon of AvGas
Ask Base for any additional discounts.
Prices include all taxes.
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From Steve Mustaikis on 02-Jun-2019

  Good service, high fees, got a rental car from the terminal, which is a short walk from the FBO. Everyone was helpful and friendly.
From Mike Dwyer on 22-Apr-2019

  Fees for a small single engine. $29 Facility waived with 7 gal of fuel, $5 Infrastructure, $25 per night. I guess it's ok based on the fact they could be wiped out any year by a Hurricane...
From Ron Roberts on 25-Mar-2019

  Flew into KEYW with 3 airplanes for the weekend. Verified fees with Signature manager and took advantage of the weekend $.50/g savings. This is a busy airport operation, so don't think you are flying to your local airport paying $3/g of Avgas. There are a lot of private jets on their ramp, and lots of traffic, but we were never treated unkindly. Fuel is expensive, but when you have to ship Avgas 200 miles from the mainland it isn't going to be cheap. All the staff was polite, helpful and very professional. Great job by the ladies at the desk and the folks on the ramp.
From Rober Jones on 23-Feb-2019

  This FBO has no competition and really sticks customers with exorbitant parking and fuel changes. There service leaves a lot to desire, if you are lucky they will give you a ride to your plane, otherwise you are left walking half a mile to your plane like me. I hope Key West kicks Signature out and gets someone back that cares about customers, I miss Island City.

Response from Eddie Cabrera, General Manager, Signature Flight Support KEYW
"Hi Robert, I'd like to address you concerns directly. If you could give me a call or send me an email, I'd like to discuss what I could do for you during your next visit. We typically try and park aircraft departing the same day in close proximity to the terminal building, but if you were parked on the remote ramp, we don't allow anyone to walk due to security regulations. I would like the opportunity to make your experience right, and hope to hear from you soon."

From Tim Jennings on 12-Jan-2019

  Flew in to get dinner and landed shortly after 9pm. Called phone number listed on FBO gate #4 to get let out of the airport fence and no one answered. Called airport police line and got someone to open the gate but was told they would not be able to open the gate to let us back in and we would have to call the phone number listed for FBO to let us back in and pay $100 fee. No one answered FBO phone so we did not leave the property, we loaded back in the plane and left. On the plus side there is a vending machine inside the gate.
From Wolfgang Weimer on 02-Dec-2018

  Flew in on single engine. Charged $29/night for ramp and $10 one time handling fee. Total came to $84 for two-night stay. Service has improved in the last 6 months, fees have gone up.
From B Patel on 05-Nov-2018

  I called before I arrived and also spoke to line person, both told me that if I filled 7 gallons of fuel that the $29 handling fee would be waived. But when I went to pay they changed it to 10 gallons. I had to be delayed in order to fill another 3 gallons of fuel. All in all, it cost almost as much to park the plane here for a night as it does to fly to Key West. And for that, very little actual service is provided.
From Jerry Gable on 26-Oct-2018

  I recently found myself flying to Key West in my venerable old 1962 Cessna Skyhawk with a couple of passengers aboard. With all the recent discussions about big FBOs and small planes I was a little concerned about Signature Flight Support, the only FBO at KEYW. My passengers wanted to go regardless and said we would write a scathing review if we were ripped off. Well, we weren't ripped off by any definition and here I am writing a review, which should be taken as extremely laudatory. The service was excellent in every regard from the line guys to the counter girls. They gave us a crew car so my passengers could go to Duvall Street with no monkey business at all. The total fees were $5 and fuel was just about right for Paradise
From Alex Melia on 07-May-2018

  This was my first time into Key West, and also my first time experiencing Signature (and that's for a reason). I called ahead of time and was told a $25 infrastructure fee, $5 security fee, and $25/night parking fee. The infrastructure fee is waived if you purchase (for my Mooney, 7 gals) fuel. With the $0.50/gal weekend discount, that was $6.22/gal, with my grand total for 2 nights a whopping $98. The line workers were very courteous but I am only giving 3 stars due to the simple fact they asked for my departure time, to what I assume was to bring the plane to the front. Upon my arrival, my plane was nowhere in sight. We had to load luggage onto a hand cart, then transfer to a golf cart, and then drive approx. half a mile to where they park the GA singles against a fence at the end of the airfield. Granted I am a thrifty pilot, I've never spent $100 to park for a weekend, and given so, I was expecting jet-level service. Not too thrilled with having to run around the airport.
From John Bleakley on 21-Mar-2018

  I can't really give a rating as I cancelled my trip this morning. I called and spoke to Tony about flying down this weekend, he could not have been any nicer or more helpful, he would get 5 stars! While I understand resort destinations are expensive and flying isn't cheap, $180 per night for a tie down on a Cessna 425 is absurd!! Tony did offer me a discount and I truly appreciate that, but I couldn't justify that fee for an outside tie down. I am not looking forward to flying on Delta, but I am flying first class for the price of 4 nights of tie down fees!
From Bob & Patti Cheyney N828BP on 18-Feb-2018

  Always a great experience coming to Key West. What makes the difference above the rest is the professionalism and expertise in management spearheaded by Tony Murico. Tony and his staff go above and beyond with excellent service and will help with any discounts possible on fuel and fees. Just ask! Kudos Tony. Keep up the great work.
From Andy Knepper on 13-Feb-2018

  Piston twin. 6 nights on the ramp. Fuel was discounted 50c from the published rate for 'WKND TKOFF AVGAS'. I only bought 12 gal. The $39 handling charge was waived. Approx $25 charge per night on the ramp plus a $5 infrastructure fee. Counter and line staff is friendly. I wish it cost less, but really that's not bad given their logistics and the convenience of flying into Key West. Be careful flight planning into here, but don't be afraid of the FBO!
From Lydia Hambrick on 27-Jan-2018

  We too experience the higher end of fuel prices and tie down fees when we fly into here to enjoy Key West - but it is what it is. You're paying a premium for the convenience. Could Signature do a better job with more reasonable discounts? Sure! But we have learned to expect these types of costs and fees when flying into Key West. The staff and linemen are always friendly here and very helpful.
From Greg Spatz on 25-Nov-2017

  The fees for my twin were $125 for a non overnight stop. Pretty hefty and certainly discourages travel to Key West. Not blaming Signature for the high fees, they have to pay for men and equipment some how. I blame Monroe County for not using some of the State & Federal funding to support and subsidize airport operations. Someone in the tourism end of the county needs to open their eyes. Bahamas are looking more attractive for us.
From Dane K. Hermansen on 05-Nov-2017

  My first trip to Key West since hurricane Irma. The Signature corporate hangar was badly damaged but the FBO office appeared to be undamaged. As always Tony, Francisco and all of the staff do everything possible to make the visit to Key West wonderful.
From Jean Paul Robinson on 16-Sep-2017

  Hurricane Irma!!! I was the first aircraft into EYW after Irma, got some work done for power company with the fuel I had remaining and then prayed Signature would reopen, Eddie the manager and his top guys arrived by chartered jet the next day and within a few hours they had all their ground support equipment and trucks up and running, I understand that they are going to tear everything down and build a brand new facility. Thanks Eddie and crew great job under difficult conditions, no power, no running water and no cell service, Eddie even let me borrow his Sat phone to phone home!
From Mitch Januszewski on 29-Aug-2017

  Unconscionably high fuel prices and fees. Terrible parking options. This is what happens when Signature is the only FBO on the field. We landed at Marathon on our last trip, and enjoyed excellent service and much lower prices.
From Steve Clegg on 28-Aug-2017

  The fee structure is way out of line. The parking is terrible and they park your aircraft under the wings of the two on each side. They forgot to charge me an additional $15 fee, and essentially harassed me for weeks. Finally they charged my credit without my consent. When I told them I was going to report this to AirNav, they waived the fee. Recently we flew to Marathon and drove to Key West, which was a beautiful drive and only an hour. What we saved from not going to Signature at Key West paid for our car rental! Marathon had great people and wonderful service. Please try Marathon on your next visit to the Keys.
From David Carlson on 05-Aug-2017

  With all of the bad comments about Signature FBO's around the country lately, maybe deserved, I want to talk about a good FBO. I was at Key West, FL, KEYW, yesterday at the Signature FBO. They could not have been any friendlier or more helpful. Yes, they did have a fee, but I will say that it was the same price as it has been there under a different FBO name for the last several FBO's. For my C210 it was a $25 facility and a $5 security fee. With the purchase of a small amount of fuel, the $25 was waived. When you go to KEYW, there is only one FBO so you have to use Signature, but with the service that I got yesterday, I would choose them anyway. I had a small maintenance issue and they quickly and efficiently helped with it.
From Bob Mames on 16-Jul-2017

  Same day in and out - treated with professionalism and courtesy Neeto was great.
From Joe Greenlee on 27-Jun-2017

  June 3-June 9: Very accommodating and helpful. The staff is very friendly and willing to work with you.
From Steve Bennett on 08-Jun-2017

  Desiree and the rest of the Signature staff did a great job during our 3 nights there this week. Gas $6.21 on the weekends and all handling, ramp and infrastructure fees only $20.37 per night.
From Bob Vint N224DR on 15-Apr-2017

  After reading several negative comments on this sight about Signature's fuel costs and fees, I decided to call in advance to discuss fuel and fee costs. Tony Murico was very helpful and explained how to get the best savings for our trip. I can tell you we were very pleased with the line service from being greeted upon arrival to departure. We never had to touch a bag loading or unloading. I feel the fees were fair given the resort area and high costs of property here. I am already looking forward to returning. My suggestion is to always call in advance and see what can be worked out, as this is a very busy place.
From Steve McKibbon on 07-Apr-2017

  Only FBO in the USA that I have ever been required to buy fuel and pay fees for an ANGEL FLIGHT. Amazing that they take advantage of cancer patients.

Response from Eddie Cabrera, General Manager, Signature Flight Support
Hi Steve, I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you described when visiting our FBO. We typically will waive fees for Angel Flight aircraft. Please contact the base directly and ask for me, I would be happy to look into your experience.

From Enrique A. Troconis on 01-Mar-2017

  Yes, Signature at it's worst. Line people were great, but I'll let you name it when they charge $30 for parking a single engine Bellanca 14-19-2 for 3 HOURS! I will never recommend Signature and will avoid it like the plague. Trip was on Feb 27/17. Park in Marathon.
From Morgen Jackson on 23-Feb-2017

  Very disappointed by the fee structure at Signature. I was charged $50 for an overnight to park a light sport a mile away from the terminal. They wouldn't waive any of the fees with a fuel purchase so I flew to Fort Myers for fuel instead. $7/gal is ridiculous. My Rotax prefers Mogas, which they have but won't sell you. Next time I'm stopping in Marathon.
From Fred Lowerre on 07-Feb-2017

  I was planning a sightseeing flight in my Musketeer this weekend. Thought I would stop in Key West for lunch, maybe rent a couple bicycles. But after reading all the BAD on here about Signature and it's fees, and fuel prices, I think we'll go somewhere else. Signature, you need to do better than this. A lot of us can barely afford what we fly and you are pricing us out of existence. It's cheaper for me to fly to Bimini than to stop over in Key West for lunch. Two thumbs down!
From Mark Cummins on 15-Jan-2017

  I live in SW Florida so I make several trips a year to Key West. My last trip was 1/14/17, I was charged $30 to park for a few hours. Last year the cost was $20. I have a single engine 4 seat beech Debonair. Add that to the cost of taxi and everything else it's just getting a little expensive to take friends down there for the day.
From Donald H. Stoppe on 01-Jan-2017

  Tony set me up with 4 bicycles at the airport for my arrival and had them ready for no extra charge. He promptly returned my call despite the holiday weekend. Fees were reasonable for Signature with my 414. Fuel was expensive even with the .50 discount. Thank you for the great service guys.
From Pablo Miliani on 18-Dec-2016

  Drop off a friend at Signature with a quick turn around, and the FBO provided excellent service. Key West has limited real state, and it is understandable there is a premium price for it, yet Signature delivers on its services.
From Robert Watters on 20-Sep-2016

  Phoned to get prices on spending a week there in a CJ. So outrageous that I flew commercially. When I landed I saw that the ramp was empty, when I departed there was only one jet on the ramp. Looks like Signature may have proved themselves out of the market.

Response from Eddie Cabrera, General Manager, Signature Flight Support Key West
Hi Robert, We're sorry to hear our that we weren't able to help you during your trip. For extended stays, please feel free to contact our General Manager to negotiate a better weekly rate." Regards,

From Dane K. Hermansen on 07-Sep-2016

  Landed in Key West for the Labor Day weekend. The lineman was waiting and signaled us to parking. They were all pleasant and helped us unload and gave us a ride in their crew car to our destination. Upon returning to depart, Francisco took care of everything including waters for the trip. After starting the plane I noted the left brake was in-op. Shut down and told the lineman. He went over and spoke to a mechanic (Robert) who examined the problem and told me he could have it fixed in a few hours. We went to lunch and Robert called me as soon as he was done. Tony wrapped up the details and we were on our way. Thank you Robert, Francisco and Tony. You guys saved the day for us.
From Thomas Hall on 17-Jul-2016

  I called in advance to check about fees. They were pleasant and helpful. I inquired about renting bikes and they volunteered that if I would call about 15 minutes out, then they could have them delivered, so I raised them on Unicom about 10 minutes from landing. We were marshaled to park immediately in front of the FBO and pleasantly greeted. In a very few minutes the bikes were delivered to the FBO and we were on our way. Counter personnel were courteous and helpful giving us advice and suggestions for breakfast locations. On our return in the evening, we left our bikes with them. We had left a fuel order and that was accomplished. The counter person indicated that our fees were waived since we purchased fuel. She additional gave us a 50-cent per gallon discount and thanked us for our purchase while apologizing for the fuel prices ($6.556 prior to discount). It was a good experience overall.
From Jim Bunn on 08-Jul-2016

  Although I expect Signature prices to be high I was surprised to find I flew in on a Friday and was given a .50/gal off (weekend price) and the handling charge was waived as well. I called ahead to have quick turn and Signature did just that! I picked up my passenger, fueled and out in 20 minutes. Great job!
From Eric Ohlwiler on 05-Jul-2016

  Just called Signature to confirm pricing to park a Queen Air on the ramp for a week. In reviewing the previous comments it looks very unpredictable. I was quoted $150/ night plus a $150 handling fee. Was going to buy 60 gallons of fuel as well. $1200 for the week plus $6.80 Avgas. Way out of my price range. Heading to Marathon instead.
From Russ Coleman on 29-Jun-2016

  We made our annual weekend trip from SW FL in a PA32 this past weekend. Emailed in advance to check on fees, and were charged as expected: Infrastructure fee $5 (cannot be waived); Handling Fee $15 (waived with 7 gallons of fuel); Overnight $21.50 / night including tax. Desiree was very personable both on arrival and departure.
From Michael Mcgrath on 26-Jun-2016

  Been her many times and the service is good, but this time it was a little disorganized and they did not know where they put my plane. Once they found it on a remote ramp space, we were asked, but declined to walk all the way out there ourselves in sweltering heat. Ultimately brought the plane around, but didn't seem to happy about it. However, despite being a monopoly and this one not-so-good experience, generally a good FBO experience.
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