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You'll be just minutes from the Hamptons and surrounding communities of the east end of Long Island. We're just minutes from world-famous beaches, restaurants and vacation spots at this exclusive location. Our new executive facility, hangar/office complex and 9,000 foot runway allows us to accommodate your aviation needs with superior service, whether you're here for a special event, business or visiting this exclusive part of the world.

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ASRI 130.20

Building 308
Francis S Gabreski Airport
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
United States of America

Fax 631-288-5453

Laura Foscolo
General Manager
516-971-1212 Cell

Hangar and office leasing information:
William J. McShane
Vice President of Business Development & Special Projects

Phone: 631-244-1200
Cell: 631-838-0700

90 Arrival Ave
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

3024 E Amelia Street
Orlando, FL 32803

  • Domestic and International Handling
  • Refueling Jet A and 100LL
  • Full Line and Customer Service
  • Conference Room
  • Wireless Internet
  • Flight Planning/Weather Room
  • Crew Lounge
  • U.S. Customs on Airport
  • Cafeteria/Vending Area
  • Complimentary Refreshments/Snacks
  • Complimentary Crew Cars
  • Hertz Rental Cars
  • Deiceing Services
  • Complimentary Interior Cleaning
  • Commercial Ground Handling and Refueling Available
  • AVTRIP Rewards Program
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • All Contract Fuel Cards Accepted
  • Corporate Hangar Space
  • Community Hangar Space
  • Tie Downs
  • Office Space
  • Secured Access
  • Special Fuel/Hangar Package Options Available
  • Proposed 56,000 sq. ft. of New Hangar Space!

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Fueling Hours:
0700-2300 (after hours available on call, fee applies)

 Fuel prices as last reported on

100LL Avgas Full service
Reported by the FBO

Jet A Full service
Reported by the FBO


Prices include all taxes.
Prices not guaranteed.

Competitive Fuel Prices. Call customer service for discounted pricing today!

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From Robert Singer on 26-Jun-2018

  Sheltair is pretty unfriendly to pistons. I came into the large empty ramp to drop off two passengers, pay the $20 fee, and use the bathroom. When I came toward the ramp a lineman in a van blocked my path and directed me to parking at the public ramp half a mile away. He gave a ride to my passengers and told me the gate code for reentry. We went to the bathroom and the gate code given to us did not work. Fortunately the restaurant manager knew the correct gate code. I've never been treated more like a second-class citizen in my Piper Arrow before.
From Joshua Menchhofer on 11-Oct-2017

  I landed at KFOK Sunday night after a long day of waiting for conditions to improve. 9000' of runway was way more than I needed for my PA-28 but it was welcoming given the earlier METARs 12G25+ and ceilings of 400'. Tower directed me to Sheltair for fuel and I decided to tie-down the plane and rent a car. Sheltair was great, they fueled the plane on the ramp, towed it, and tied it down for $15/nt plus the $5 landing fee. The FBO is beautiful and very accommodating (complimentary K-cup coffee, popcorn, cookies, TV, available in FBO car rental). I would highly recommend the airport and this FBO.
From Robert Singer on 03-Oct-2017

  We came in today in our Piper Arrow. The huge ramp was completely empty. I pulled up to the FBO. When I told the line man I was overnight he said I'd have to move to "the public ramp." He explained that the public ramp was half a mile down the ramp. It had tiedowns for "little airplanes". I told him the brakes were off but he said I'd have to power up and taxi there. I dropped off my passengers and luggage and hot-started my engine and taxied down there. He did follow me down with a golf cart. The line man and counter rep were both very pleasant, and the facilities are good, but I have never felt more like a second class citizen for not having a jet. Landing fee was $5, tiedown is $15. I cancelled my $6.43/gallon fuel order when they offered no discount.
From Dave Cooper on 12-Dec-2016

  I have been flying to KFOK for almost 30 years and Sheltair is such an improvement over the old FBO. The facility is new, the coffee and popcorn are hot, and staff always is helpful. The GM, Laura, goes out of her way to welcome pilots and their aircraft, be it a Bonanza, or G4. Of course they would rather fuel a G4, but nonetheless... I like the tower, the long multiple runways, and the location. For flying into the Hamptons, this is the place to go.
From Neal Schwartz on 22-Aug-2016

  I flew to FOK on August 16 and blew out a nose tire on landing unfortunately. Laura Foscolo drove out to the airplane with some of the line technicians and they not only towed us to Sunrise Jets for maintenance (and wouldn't accept any payment) but she also provided us with a courtesy car for 2 hours to enable us to drive to Islip to buy a new tire. Her and her team was outstanding and went above and beyond for a stranded Bonanza pilot. I'll never forget the outstanding service that Sheltair FOK provided us that day. Thank you!
From Gene Bishop on 23-Jul-2016

  We recently parked our large corporate jet at Sheltair KFOK, and unfortunately were fairly underwhelmed by the quality of service we received. We were parked on the far south end of the ramp, and on 3 occasions, had to walk to or from the airplane with luggage, while ramp agents drove right past us in golf carts, never bothering to offer us rides in the 90*+ heat. We called ahead on our departure day to ask that our jet be repositioned closer to the terminal, and were told that because they were "busy", they would not likely be able to accommodate our request. When we arrived at the FBO however, we found no fewer than 5 people mulling around behind the counter, including two ramp agents who appeared to just be chatting with other employees. We also saw four ramp agents moving one light single engine airplane out of a hangar, so I'm not sure why nobody was available to move our jet. For what we were charged, we expected much better. We'll think twice before returning next time.
From Medhat Allam on 08-Feb-2016

  Just a quick word to describe the pleasant surprise I got from Sheltair. To make the long story short, I had long tiring day and it didn't seem that my trouble was over when upon Arrington to KFOK I found my car buried deep in snow in front of my hangar. I tried calling airport manager, but understood they couldn't help because they were busy trying to keep taxiways and runways clear. Even though I am not regular custom of Sheltair I gave them a call expecting "sorry we are busy". I have to admit it was one of the most pleasant experiences in ling time. Within few minutes Jim and Tony of Sheltair were there riding a truck with a plow and wouldn't leave until I was driving on plowed roads. Thanks so much for saving my day.
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