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Grants-Milan Municipal Airport

at Grants-Milan Municipal Airport

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From Brian Anderson on 20-Aug-2017

  Stopped in for brunch at the Wow Diner. Clay at the airport was super nice and helpful. Fuel was $4.90/gal but I like to purchase to help these guys out. Btw, airport will be closed for 3 months starting Aug 28 2017 for runway upgrade.
From David Egelston on 30-Jun-2016

  Nicest FBO in northwestern New Mexico. Friendly, spotlessly clean, computer in the pilot lounge, and very fair fuel prices. If you have time, ask for a tour of the airways museum, which is just behind the FBO building.
From Douglas Keenan on 10-Sep-2015

  Stopped in to fuel up and get a better look at weather with all of the pop-up storms building in the region, wound up hanging around chewing the fat with Ray as a couple of cells passed over, about the friendliest of all the folks I met on my way home from St. Louis to the coast with lots of experience to share and excellent advice on operating in the area. Expect to hear him great you with the weather and advisories on the way in! Grabbed a delicious burger from Wow Diner just down the street, courtesy car got me there in under two minutes. Ray keeps his number on a whiteboard in the office in case anyone shows up after hours and needs assistance. Great place, looking forward to passing through again!
From Rod DeWalt on 21-Jul-2015

  The gentleman running the FBO was extremely helpful and gave my son and I an OUTSTANDING high altitude aircraft performance review and some insightful weather observations! We will stop by again on our way back from the Grand Canyon!
From John D. Lyon on 25-Jun-2015

  Just a short fuel stop, but the gentleman in the office came out and helped with the self-serve, and told me much of interest.
From Chris Nichols on 04-May-2015

  The family and I heard about Wes' passing yesterday on a lunch run. We enjoyed his hospitality over the years, and his kindness and generosity did not go un-noticed; he will be missed.
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