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Indiana County Airport

at Indiana County Airport (Jimmy Stewart Field)

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From Dan Jordan on 10-Oct-2021

  Excellent service and super nice facility. Crew car was great. Very nice people. I can't say enough about the quality of this operation. They deserve our business!
From Wayne Nauman on 18-Sep-2021

  Flew in for weekend for IUP visit. Tom was super helpful in getting us a rental and we were lucky enough to be there on a day when they were having a BBQ. Parked company Cirrus for the night. Great Pennsylvania hospitality, can't wait to come back up
From Ross Dupuis on 23-Jun-2021

  Very nice and helpful people. Took excellent care of me! Thank you Jim!
From Ricky Turner on 01-Sep-2019

  We came into Indiana for a few hours for a business meeting. Rick and the whole crew made sure all our needs were met and we had transportation to the meeting. They let us use the courtesy car, but they keep several rental cars on site and ready to go in case the courtesy vehicle isn't available. The friendly service was perfect, you can tell everyone here is genuinely concerned about our satisfaction. Fueling is fast. The facility is first-rateŚlarge with plenty of comfortable seating and amenities. It's worth a stop just to see the displays about Jimmy Stewart. They take pride in their operation and it shows.
From Sean-Thomas Bickerton on 12-Aug-2019

  Although I have had no troubles at this airport in the past, this past Sunday afternoon I needed fuel for my airplane and the staff could not get their 30+ year old fuel truck started. I was planning on taking a young man (who is about to start training in the Air Force) and his girlfriend up on a sightseeing flight, but did not have enough fuel to take them for the flight then be able to fly to a nearby airport so I could fuel up for my return trip home. Not only was this very disappointing to the people I wanted to take flying, I am quite dissatisfied by this. I would think that the airport management would upgrade to the 21st Century and put in a self-service fuel pump (which would likely be less expensive per gallon than full service), or, at the very least, purchase a new (or newer) fuel truck. Now, I just DARE them to send me a bill for two nights of parking....
From Steve Guccini on 22-Apr-2019

  I can't say enough good things about this airport and the manager, Fred Fuellner, and his staff. I arrived on Easter evening for a meeting the next morning. I had called the night before as I assumed they might be closed, which they were. However, Fred told me where I could park and left a key for the crew car to take to the hotel overnight. The next day, after my meeting, they promptly fueled me at a very fair price. They have several events coming up so drop by if you are able and support this airport. You won't be disappointed.
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