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Kissimmee Jet Center

at Kissimmee Gateway Airport

Welcome to Kissimmee Jet Center! We are here to serve you!

Lowest Fuel & Rental car prices in Central Florida!

Kissimmee Jet Center is a Central Florida's choice FBO for General Aviation at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM). Conveniently located near Orlando, Kissimmee Jet Center allows access to all of Central Florida's business and entertainment destinations.
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Rental Car on site
  • T-Hangar Available
  • Discounted Rooms and Suites
  • Gourmet Catering
  • Contract Fuel
  • Aircraft Tie Down
  • Free Meeting Room, Wi-Fi
  • Military Discounts
  • Pilot Lounge and supplies
  • Flight Planning
  • Closest To Disney
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Certified Linemen
  • Coffee and Expresso Lounge
  • After hour service available 407-847-9095 call before 9pm
  • Pet friendly
  • Potable Water
  • GPU
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 0730L-2130L
After-hours services available upon request. Reservations must be confirmed before 2100 to ensure services. No after hour services allowed without attendant's arrival.
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.10
Jet A Full service    $4.50
Discounts: Discounted rooms and suites!
Discounted Enterprise car rates!
Prices include all taxes.
Guaranteed to be the lowest price on the field!

Uplift the minimum fuel to waive three days of parking!

15 gallons for single engine pistons
25 for twin engine pistons
75 for single turbo-props and light jets
100 for twin turbo-props
125 for mid-size jets
250 for heavy jets

Update Prices Now
Contact information
Address:3031 Patrick St
Kissimmee, FL 34741
United States of America
Telephone: toll-free 1-888-735-1145
Fax:toll-free 1-866-735-9940
Web site:
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Philip Greenspun on 01-Apr-2019

  The facility is basic, but the line crew is competent, friendly, and responsive. If you need to wow passengers with a "this is what the crazy rich lifestyle looks like" then maybe the other two FBOs on the field are better choices. We got what we needed for our PC-12.
From Bruce Goodbee on 13-Jan-2019

  Everything about this FBO was excellent. Never met this Jeannie. Line crew superb and lady behind desk was very helpful.
From Kim Morton on 21-Dec-2018

  We have used Kissimmee Jet Center several times in the last two weeks and I would like to personally thank Jennie for going above and beyond to help me out with our upcoming arrival. You're the best!
From Gary Sage on 05-Dec-2018

  We have always experienced excellent service at Kissimmee Jet Center
From Roy M. Kinsey, Jr. on 28-Aug-2018

  Flew into Kissimmee Jet Center last Tuesday for MU-2 recurrent at Simcom. As usual, I called ahead and asked to be parked where it wouldn't be necessary for them to tow the airplane. (BTW - It was Jeannie who answered when I called to request special parking, and she could not have been nicer or more helpful). Lineman met me as I taxied in and directed me to a spot near the end of the south ramp, exactly as I had requested. Because of bad weather Thursday, I waited until shortly before I was ready to leave to call in a fuel order, but the airplane was still fueled by the time I got to the airport. This would have been another excellent experience at Kissimmee Jet Center even if the fuel prices weren't so good, and my fuel cost saving was more than $300 by stopping at Kissimmee Jet Center.
From Scott Sedam on 09-May-2018

  Last time I stopped in, the mercurial Jeannie was on her best behavior. Could not have been nicer or more helpful. Glad to see that. I hope that is a trend. When you read all the comments here, it is clear that she has good days and bad days. Line guys are always great. I give them 4 stars because as a facility, the "bloom is certainly off the rose" but their fuel rates are far more reasonable and speaking practically, they have everything you need.
From Richard Polivy on 14-Apr-2018

  Our annual visit to Kissimmee would not be the same without Jeannie who handles reservations, tie downs, car rental, fueling requests and general information without a hitch. Great facility and staff. We are told of a new owner and we hope the staff and services stay at the same level, as it would be hard to improve on.
From Richard Natelson on 04-Apr-2018

  I arrived for 12 days. The car that I had reserved was waiting for me. The counter and line crew were great. (As were the doughnuts!) Very friendly and helpful. Before I left, I purchased 73 gallons at a great price considering the area. Jeannie, the supervisor, waived my tie-down fee. The place was an older building but it was clean and sufficient. I was also informed that they are planning a new facility. I look forward to going back.
From George Shehl on 25-Mar-2018

  I had an excellent experience at the Kissimmee Jet Center FBO. Their great line service marshaled me right in to the ramp/tie down area. I was fueled right after that and fuel prices were incredible for the Orlando area at $4.50/gal out the door. A full size rent-a-car for $39/day out the door was also amazing. The best part was Jeanie on the phone a day or two before I arrived answering my questions about the security and arranging for my rent-a-car just like the old days. The ramp is quite secure with a large security gate next to the FBO. The restroom was small but spotless. It was a pleasant easy in / easy out kind of FBO which will have all of my business from now on.
From Bruce Blackwell on 13-Mar-2018

  Citation Ultra. Here for 5 days. Excellent service. Rental car ready and waiting. Fuel price reasonable. Passengers treated well. Jeannie at the desk was very helpful.
From Mike Nass on 04-Feb-2018

  Gene is very helpful and friendly. Line service personnel is friendly I just wish they would get some better fuel trucks that are more reliable. So they can perform a quick turn instead of having to wait for them to get a truck running.
From James Shumate on 11-Jan-2018

  I have used Kissimmee Jet Center for years and Jennie has always been the best, thanks Jennie you do a great job.
From Jeff Littlefield on 05-Oct-2017

  We had 5 aircraft operating out of Kissimmee Jet Center for over 10 days after hurricane Irma. It was a busy time for us there. Jeannie and all of the line guys did a great job of getting us cars and meeting our needs daily, fueling, tie down, etc. We will always use them whenever we are in the area. Great Place!
From Kristin Incrocci on 28-Sep-2017

  Scam. This FBO advertises they have the cheapest fuel at KISM, but what they don't tell you is if you can't take 15 gals, but can only take 12 gals they tack on a $50.00 ramp fee! As a pilot arriving at dinner time I asked if there was a crew car for dinner and was told yes. 10 minutes later I was offered a car for $15.00 for 5 hours and that the crew car was out. At 8:30pm after asking 3 times about the crew car I was told it was still out. Only after I asked if it was gone for the night at 8:45 pm did she say yes, it would not be returning. Don't come hungry without $15.00 for a crew car. You can't walk anywhere either to eat. Horrible service. Line guy was nice. 3 channels on the tv. The worst FBO in a very long time.
From Phil Israel on 23-Sep-2017

  Thanks to Jeanie for the great service her team gave to us while we stayed in Kissimmee. Highly recommend Kissimmee Jet Center lowest fuel price and best car rental prices..
From Tommy Davis on 27-Jun-2017

  Excellent service! The desk manager was the best! I will be visiting this location often. Not sure why the person that brought my plane up was so upset I had a great experience. Ps to the person that brought my plane up. Please learn to read a dipstick. You over filled my oil by 3 quarts. Thanks!
From F. Ciapanna on 26-Jun-2017

  Just returned from another week in Kissimmee. I stay once or twice a year (business and personal) and always use Kissimmee Jet Center as my FBO. Always the best price on fuel and the same courteous service. I never feel less of a customer because I fly "just a 172". As many of the faces have changed over the 10 years I have been going to KJC, one remains the same: Jeannie. She makes sure you feel like a customer and always has everything ready when you arrive. I always get a rental car and it's always there waiting for me. New faces this year are Clarissa and Jim. Thank you for taking care of me. Jim made sure I was promptly topped off for all my departures. Thanks for yet another enjoyable visit. Jeannie, keep up the great work!
From N605AD on 04-Jun-2017

  TERRIBLE! I flew 28Apr17 w another pilot to preposition plane. From the moment I walked into the FBO the woman there.. Never got her name was overbearing argumentative and down right rude to me. She wanted my keys, I asked why do you want my keys? She became irate at me, I handed her my keys and then she said..." these are plane keys!" I stated yes as I said before we called ahead about leaving the plane here. She seemed to not know that a WOMAN could fly and I flew the plane there. I stood outside to make a phone call on my cell as I was coming back in she SCREAMED close the door! Rude Rude Rude. I asked where the restroom was and she stated, " If the key is here its available. First, I don't know anything about your procedures for a restroom. Second how would I know where your keys to your lav are? Rude and needs a lot of updating. NOT customer service friendly. In fact not friendly at all. I have a witness and I will be glad to elaborate if called about this woman.
From Scott Lindsly on 25-Apr-2017

  Exactly what we were looking for, and best pricing by far as we shopped around KISM, for our C152's simple weeklong stay! Friendly folks and comfy facility. See y'all again next time!
From Drew Morrison on 12-Apr-2017

  The line guys are the only bright spot at KJC. Our clients arrived in a shuttle and we asked a line guy to bring them planeside. When he did, the lady behind the desk comes running out repeatedly screaming at the shuttle to "get off of her property". She ended up standing in front of the vehicle yelling, "Only companies she chooses can go planeside." That's fair enough, but she didn't offer any other arrangements to get our clients, with 1-year-old twins, a 3-year-old daughter, and a week worth of luggage to the plane. No luggage cart/golf cart... Nothing! I assumed it would be no issue because the shuttle came planeside upon our arrival. We made several trips to get the luggage from the gate and all the way across the ramp. The line guys rushed to help while the lady continued giving everyone a hard time. Clients commented they never wanted comeback. Fuel price is great, but not worth losing a client. Facilities and management are both terrible. Beware!
From Gary Medvigy, Cessna Skylane on 05-Apr-2017

  I have never experienced a worse FBO anywhere in the United States. Despite the locals liking the place, if you are transient, they are rude and gouge traffic passing through. The experience was so bad I am reporting them to the FAA, they delayed my departure placing my flight into bad weather. I won't go into the details of the entire experience, but they are on some kind of ego and power trip.... Making up their own demands and rules.... I would encourage all transient traffic to use a different operator at this airport.
From Tom Roush on 31-Mar-2017

  I just completed scheduling parking, fuel, and rental car at Kissimmee Jet Center...MY 3rd or 4th visit... For the week at SnF. I have always dealt with 'Jeannie' and she is pretty awesome. Tells it like it is, and then delivers. Great service, prices.... And courteously conducted. I have read some negative reviews, and I have yet to have anything but positive experiences. I wonder if they might have been at another FBO?
From Eddie King on 28-Feb-2017

  SUPERB FBO... Great service, reasonable fees... Will stay here next time we head to DIS.... The Mouse loves this place... Thxs to all....:)
From Craig Cardell on 25-Feb-2017

  No frills. Third time stopping at this FBO in my C414 due to excellent fuel prices. Also, waived 4 nights parking with my fuel fill-up. Great place to park, fuel-up and head out to enjoy the area.
From Alexis Hernandez on 13-Feb-2017

  Great deal during my visit—purchase at least 15 gallons of fuel and receive up to 5 night's free parking (single engine). Friendly staff here with good service and facility.
From Jaime Fabrega on 12-Feb-2017

  Very bad experience using KJC. KJC does not answer any written communication. I sent a fax asking for information and got no reply. I had to call. I was told everything is handled by phone. I had to accept charges I was not willing to accept or the car would not be rented. I had to pay extra charge for being a foreigner, from the Republic of Panama, using my Panamanian driver's license. Force me to accept DW cover although my credit card covers it, causing me more expenses. My AOPA Car rental discount, because I am an AOPA Member, was not honored by KJC Was told that refuel process could take up to 2 hours. I was with my whole family, including my 1 and a half-year-old granddaughter, and could not change plans as easily. Will not come back.
From Mike Dearing on 27-Jan-2017

  Flew a TBM in earlier this week. Was met promptly at the plane by lineman and lady with my rental car. Fuel prices were great for this area. With fuel purchase my three nights parking and ramp fees were waived. Desk lady even opened up early for me on departure day. Thanks for the help
From Robin Cole on 25-Jan-2017

  Outstanding service. Personnel are proactive, courteous, and friendly. Lowest fuel price on the field. Their people bend over backwards to help in every way. Best in Orlando.
From Martin Smith on 25-Jan-2017

  We flew in on a Wednesday and out on a Sunday to take the kids to Disney World. The staff was very accommodating, friendly and professional. They charge extra for things like a courtesy car, and that is how they keep the fuel prices down. Don't expect shiny opulence like you would get at Signature or Million Air. However, if you want reasonable fuel prices and a courteous staff, this is your place.
From Don Carruth on 23-Jan-2017

  The Crew at Kissimmee Jet Center went out of their way to provide excellent service. We had some very bad weather come thru the area & they already had the plane secured & tied down. Line crew was good to help us get our luggage in the car.
From David McKenna on 13-Jan-2017

  Excellent experience once again at Kissimmee Jet Center. Victor and Joe are first class line guys, and Jeannie a real sweetheart. Very fair fuel and parking fees. We will be back!
From Vic Roberts, Gulf Shores, AL N6161F on 13-Jan-2017

  First time into ISM. Joe was pulling our car up as we taxied in. He helped us unload our baggage into the car. Jeannie had all the paperwork ready & took the fuel order. I came back to check the plane over later in the day & Victor helped me with a tie down issue. Very nice facility & great people.
From Ron S. on 04-Jan-2017

  I had a trip from PA to Boca and then a stopover in Orlando with my family. I taxied to Kissimmee Jet Center around 1 p.M. The lineman and dispatcher were fast and incredibly friendly. The fuel price was at least 25% less than the other FBOs at KISM. A few days later bad weather forced me to cancel my return to PA, and I called Kissimmee to see if they could hangar my Columbia for a week or so until I could find time to retrieve it. Though Kissimme couldn't hangar the plane, the manager called another facility, setup a fair price (1/3 of what atlantic quoted), and took it over for me. Typically, the dispatcher at most FBOs wouldn't offer you anything except use of the computer and possibly a desk phone while you call around. Almost all Florida FBOs gouge on pricing and service about as bad as Teterboro. Kissimmee Jet Center just isn't like that. I read the reviews about the club car, the condition of the ramp, and the staff and didn't experience anything like that.
From Mariano P. on 04-Oct-2016

  I thought that I'd start my commenting by writing how great Remy was at helping me while I called ahead in preparation for my trip. She extended to me the managers special on a full-size rental car and made the experience very efficient. I'll update my experience after my 10/29-11/1 visit.
From Remy Dulay on 25-Sep-2016

  Stopped by this FBO in my Navajo. Kids and family trip to Disney. Stopped by Friday and left on Sunday. Top off and they waive parking for 5 days with no handling fees! Fuel was over a $1.50 cheaper than the other 2 big FBOs on the field. It is no frills but I'd rather give my $ to a small outfit than the big FBO chains who gouge you. Will be back every time I fly to Orlando.
From Earl Holmes on 19-Jul-2016

  Best line service anywhere
From Galin Hernandez on 02-Jul-2016

  Flew in just to pick up my wife on June 30th. The ramp parking area had lots of small rocks and gravel so be aware if you don't have much propeller clearance. I was there for less than 1hr and was charged a $15.00 facility. Not sure if the facility fee is waived with fuel purchase since I basically had full tanks when I arrived.
From Dan Browder on 27-Jun-2016

  Made one of my regular stops at Kissimmee recently. I have been using Kissimmee Jet Center for 8 years now and have always had great service both from customer service and the line guys. Jeanie in customer service has been at Kissimmee all those years and has always handled my arrivals and departures very efficiently and always with a smile. I often make last minute plans and she handles them flawlessly every time. Kissimmee Jet Center is your best bet when flying into ISM.
From Jim Lambert on 23-Jun-2016

  Flew in on Monday, June 20, 2016 for my granddaughter's volleyball tournament at the Convention Center. True the facility is dated but the service is first class. Rental car was a new Buick Lacrosse for $39.00 per day. The other FBO's on site wanted at least $50 per day for a smaller vehicle. Jet Center's fuel price is at least $1.30 per gallon cheaper than the other FBO's. Service was great from both the line crew and the front desk.
From Frank Clepper on 03-Jun-2016

  Had a great experience with KJC for my family's 10-day WDW adventure. Called in advance, had car service waiting for us ramp side. Service crew was courteous and professional - have long range tanks in the Ovation, and they were very careful and diligent about understanding fueling requirements. Had some weather stripping let go after being on the ramp ... Had the courtesy car available, with no hassles, so I could grab some 3M adhesive. Maybe it's just you reap what you sow?? Thanks KJC, we'll be back soon.
From Rock Ferrone on 01-Jun-2016

  I fly to Orlando approximately 4 to 5 times a year and I've started to use Kissimmee Jet Center. The Jet Center is by far the most efficient FBO in the area, including FBOs at the Orlando Executive Airport. We are always treated very well and appreciate the No-Frills low-cost operation. Jeannie, Remie and the other staff members are always very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Lowest Fuel Price around. Good Deals on Rental cars. Quick and friendly service. The money on save on the No-Frills operation is money better spent on helping the less fortunate. Unless you need your ego brushed this is the FBO for you.
From Wes Kirkpatrick on 26-May-2016

  Flew the family down to Disney for a week. The staff was very helpful each time I called with questions about hours and rental cars because our plans kept changing. We landed and taxied over to a lineman waiting on the ramp. As soon as we shut down the rental car was pulled right up to the plane. We unloaded, went in and filled out a fuel order and rental car paperwork and were on our way in less than 5 minutes. Leaving was just as smooth. Five days of parking waived with top off. I read a lot of negative comments about the staff and facilities. My experience was great. I wasn't expecting much out of a place that offers fuel 25% cheaper than anyone else on the field. If you want to get treated like you are in a Gulfstream, I suggest going to a different place and paying higher prices for that level of service. The facilities were a little old and rundown but I was in and out and not planning on hanging around the FBO. If I'm ever in the area again, then I will use Kissimmee Jet Center.
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