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Monterey Jet Center, LLC

at Monterey Regional Airport

  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft ground handling
  • Oxygen service
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Catering
  • Rental cars on site
  • ...
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: during regular FBO business hours, plus after hours call-out service (with prior arrangement and/or a callout fee); call FBO for details
Fuel prices as last reported on 12-Oct-2018
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.40
Jet A Full service    $6.77
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:300 Sky Park Drive
Monterey, CA 93940
United States of America
Telephone: 831-373-0100
toll-free 1-800-679-2992
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Richard Rollins on 29-Aug-2018

  FBO is awesome and has always been. I will always use Monterey Jet Center. Thanks! GoRentals saved the day for us when Enterprise failed to do so..
From Keith Breton on 03-Aug-2018

  Monterey Jet Center continues to be one of my very favorite FBOs. They treat small aircraft with the same courtesy and service as the Jet-A customers. The line crews and customer service reps are always friendly and helpful. On my last visit I managed to leave my hat in the lobby. A quick phone call and Christy arranged to send it back to me. Thank you. Want to feel special when you arrive at MRY... Ask for taxi to the Jet Center!
From Harmik DerSahakian on 19-Feb-2018

  Flew in for a day. Great staff. They treated us extremely well with friendly smiles. Shout out to Alex and Kasey, thanks ladies foe everything. Looking forward to our next visit.
From Martin Reynolds on 12-Feb-2018

  Hands down, the best FBO I have visited to date! Friendly, attentive staff. Crew services outstanding. Highly recommend. Thank you!
From Marc Anderson on 06-Nov-2017

  Very nice staff, nice facility. However, I flew in a couple weeks ago in a single engine aircraft for the night. After reading about handling fees I called a few days prior to ask how much it would cost to simply park there, and was told $10/nt, which sounded wonderful/normal. On departure they still ended up tacking on a $45 "handling fee"+$10 parking; so $55 to park for one night. Had I known this (and in the future), I would just land at Marina airport and ride an Uber/taxi to Monterey.
From Kyle Heckman on 12-Oct-2017

  Called ahead regarding rental car options and arranged for our arrival that afternoon. Had the car ready and greeted us by name - very cool! All staff friendly and pleasant. Will definitely return.
From Vaughan Leiper on 06-Aug-2017

  We landed 90 minutes prior to our scheduled departure time in MRY. As soon as we opened the door Chris RAN up and was already asking for our coffee pot and had our catering already coming out. Jesse had us fueled for our transcon 15 minutes after we set the brake and Kathleen and Marissa double checked that we had everything we need. All of these folks gave us some great service and were all happy to help even though it was clearly a busy day on the ramp. All in all we were fueled, catered, caffeinated and ready to go 15 minutes after we arrived. Super impressed!
From Brian Fry on 21-Jun-2017

  After a bad experience with the other FBO on the field I flew my 182 in yesterday to the Jet Center for a round of golf. Ground told me there is no transient parking, you must park at one of the two FBOs. I took on the minimum 15 gallons to avoid the handling fee. It was less than $1/gal more than I pay at KRHV. I got a free courtesy car, bottled water, candy, cookies, and great service. Thanks. I brought my own clubs but they said they have some.
From Steve Wildman on 20-Jun-2017

  Super friendly and accommodating folks here!! They pampered my wife and kids while I dealt with airplane stuff, and took good care of our little C172 overnight. All of the ladies working up front were the nicest you could ever hope to meet. They also provided us discounted tickets to the Aquarium and offered to take care of lodging and rental car arrangements. This was my first flight ever to Monterey but it will not be my last, and that is in large part due to the courteous service offered by Monterey Jet Center. We now plan to make this a regular family getaway.
From Daniel Whiting on 29-May-2017

  Flew in with a 182 for the holiday weekend and these guys were great! They coordinated a car rental with a great rate. The line guys were friendly and efficient. The desk staff was GREAT, giving us tips about the area, offering discounted aquarium tickets and really trying to accommodate in any way they could. They even gave us some swag. Even with the large number of jets around, they really tried to treat us the same. Thanks guys, we'll be back! The other FBO never even responded to my email.
From Herb Navarro on 17-Apr-2017

  Great service from all of the staff a MJC, special thanks to Kawai Lopez, she got me a great rate at Hyatt and rental cars for my boss and myself. I also got corporate rated tickets to The Monterey Aquarium from the FBO, and free T-shirt, plus chocolate sardines shaped candies. This is the best FBO I fly a PC12NG great job MJC, thanks!
From Eberhard Brunner on 16-Sep-2016

  MJC is really one of the best larger FBOs I have been to at major airports. Michael Heilpern, the operations manager, came over as we were leaving after a 1 week stay and personally introduced himself and complimented me on my 1968 Mooney - which was by far the smallest plane on the ramp. I have been there before and got the same great treatment. I was going to land at another airport this time around, but unfortunately I got poor responses to my requests for information on rental cars, parking, etc. I made one call to MJC and had all the information I needed (including a much cheaper rental car). After we landed, they brought over the rental car before my wife and I had even unloaded. Lastly, to top it all off, they gave me a t-shirt and chocolate sardines as a gift! This was by far the best visit ever at a large FBO. Thanks MJC staff - this was the best service ever! I will be back.
From Sean Johnson on 06-Sep-2016

  Absolutely and consistently the best customer service I've received at any FBO. The ramp is filled with jets and yet we get red carpet treatment in our 182. New, well maintained crew cars are always available for a quick lunch or dinner and both the line staff and the folks inside go out of their way to provide excellent service. This trip I requested a paltry 10 gal 100LL per main tank. They overfilled the left tank by 3.9 gallons, and Michael Heilpern the Operations Manager came inside and personally apologized for the mistake. He was genuinely sorry and applied a fuel discount to my order. Outstanding customer service and the friendliest people you'll meet at an FBO.
From Andrew Yacoub on 24-Jul-2016

  Expensive, pretty average service at best. They were some decent people I suppose but we didn't really feel welcome despite paying $120 just for facility fee and 2 nights parking. Double the fuel price of my home base. They were too busy to supply a GPU apparently also. Not impressed in general.
From Fred Mann on 30-Jun-2016

  Flew in last weekend for a couple of nights stay and the service was excellent. The ramp was full of heavy iron, but they did not ignore me in a little Bonanza. Usual red carpet treatment, and rental car delivered to the plane before I got out. Very efficient and polite employees.
From Peter Misunas on 02-Jun-2016

  Special thanks to customer service rep Marissa Haven and ops manager Michael Heilpern for making our first visit to MJC a tutorial in customer service. All our requests for rental cars, hotel, AC service etc. Were efficiently provided and then followed up with a " what else can we do for you?". Outstanding FBO.
From Will Tinsley on 01-May-2016

  Flew in for the golf classic and as always the service and people were outstanding. What more can I say.
From Scott Robertson on 23-Apr-2016

  Flew down from Oakland with some friends (in 2 planes) for the afternoon. Staff at the Jet Center are some of the friendliest I have encountered, very professional, the smiles started with the line guys and it made all the difference. They gladly topped up the air in my main tires and drove us over to the terminal so we could get lunch. Immaculate FBO with lots of goodies, candies, coffee, cookies, and ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. With a minimum fuel purchase of 15 gal they waive the $45 handling fee. They also have courtesy cars and courtesy bikes for use. Truly an outstanding FBO, my 3rd visit in the past year and looking forward to the next trip.
From Adam Lurie on 14-Mar-2016

  Upon arrival, line service was very helpful with the unloading of bags. Passengers' ride was waiting planeside, along with my rental vehicle. Checked in with the ladies at the desk prior to departing the airport and to request a servicing of the lavatory (pullout pan type). Was told it was no problem. Returned nearly 6 hours later to show aircraft to my cousin and found that it hadn't been cleaned. Again went to ask for it to be taken care of. After leaving airport, that CSR that I spoke to 10 minutes prior called to inform me of a policy that line service may not enter customer aircraft due to liability reasons, and I had to remove lavatory pan for them to service. There was never once a mention, verbally or graphically, of this policy. Frustrating. Luckily I had showed the airplane to my cousin otherwise I would have showed up for departure two days later to a very nasty lav. Also took an act of Congress to get coffee, ice and papers on morning of departure. Not impressed at all.

Response from Michael Heilpern, Operations Manager, Monterey Jet Center
Thank you Adam for taking my call the other day. I am sorry that we failed to meet your expectations. You asked for a simple tasked to be done and we did not communicate clearly with you and get it done. We appreciate your comments and we will work harder in the future. We hope you will give a chance on your next trip into KMRY. Fly safe.

From Vincent Bazillio on 06-Feb-2016

  All the service you dream of, even with a small C172, is available at Monterey Jet Center. Was there last December, among all FBO's practiced during our trip, MJC was the top one. Great team.
From Franck Valles on 05-Dec-2015

  Just landed there for a quick overnight trip. Incredible staff great prices, rental car was perfect. Can't express how blown away we were with the entire staff. The only problem is that they have set the bar very high for other FBO's.... I am just flying a Bonanza, and was treated like I had a Gulfstream. Thanks
From Mark Ohlau on 22-Nov-2015

  When you operate a small GA aircraft, it is sometimes with trepidation that you pull into a large FBO that caters to the biz jet crowd. However, MJC is definitely the exception! I wish to thank the staff at MJC for the great service and support while keeping watch over my beloved Pacer during my 3-day stay. They have always treated us with the same level of care that they provide to the folks in the jets. Job well done!
From Jassen Todorov on 17-Nov-2015

  Excellent service, wonderful people, courtesy cars available for a quick bite into town, though everything is on the pricey side.
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