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Ocean Air Aviation

Ocean Air is the only full service FBO located directly on the ramp at the North Bend Municipal Airport in Oregon. We offer front door, red carpet service with safety as our top priority. Our facility is a must see, it is truly unique. It features a highly stylized executive passenger lounge with five star services, a fireplace and a breathtaking view of the Bay. Where you will find a snooze room, modern conference facility, wireless high-speed Internet, WSI Weather Briefing, FlightView flight planning room, full pilot lounge and more. We take pride in our personalized services, quick turns, competitive fuel pricing, and our catering menu is unbeatable, featuring fresh Northwest cuisine.

As a courtesy to the aircraft crew Ocean Air customers upon arrival receive a lav and potable water service, ice, coffee, newspapers and crew cars. Our onsite ground transportation is also available to crew and passengers. We offer an exclusive ramp side van or SUV

Ocean Air is a full-service aviation corporation with an air ambulance division, a charter department, onsite ground transportation, catering, onsite Enterprise rental cars, maintenance, aircraft sales and management.

Ocean Air's owner and director of operations, Edward Langerveld, has more than 20 years experience in the corporate aviation industry with over 15,000 hours of accident and incident free flight time. Langerveld also holds a commercial helicopter and floatplane license.
Southwest Oregon Regional Airport


ASRI 129.95

1180 Airport Way
North Bend, OR 97459
United States of America

toll-free 1-866-472-5153
Fax 541-756-6962

 NATA Safety 1st   WSI Pilotbrief   Colt International   UVair   AVTRIP   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Hertz 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Front Door Red Carpet Ramp Service
  • Exquisite North West Passenger Lounge with a Fireplace
  • On site Transportation
  • Complimentary: Starbucks Coffee, Tea, Ice, Fresh Popcorn, Newspapers & Dog Treats
  • On-Site Enterprise rental cars
  • Friendly Service
  • Conference Room
  • Crew Cars
  • Full Pilot Lounge
  • Satellite TV, Playstation, Movies
  • Snooze Room
  • Wireless High Speed Internet
  • WSI Weather Briefing
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Flight Planning Room
  • Catering Services
  • Competitive Fuel Pricing
  • Charter Services
  • NO Callout Fees
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: Open 08:00 am to 06:00 PM
Call out # 541-251-0052
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.71   $5.66
Jet A Full service    $4.24   $4.19
Prices include all taxes.
Accepting all Major Credit & Contract Fuel Cards  
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From Chuck Ivester, Malibu 2365S on 24-Apr-2014

  Super service, very nice FBO facilities, and fuel prices are good. Thanks.
From Mike Kreller on 26-Jul-2013

  Landed here in our King Air a week ago and was a pleasant experience. Nice staff and above average facilities. But got a shock a week later for a "user fee" of $350 for landing fee and three nights parking. Specifically asked CSR about landing and parking fees, she advised, "We have none." How cunning, she could have said, "we don't, but the airport will sock it to you!" We do not plan on ever coming back! Must be a new sheriff in town.......
From Mark Smith on 26-Aug-2012

  Very nice and tried hard. Cookies and a little sign saying good bye to my Mooney on day of departure. Very cute. Clean and professional facilities!
From Richard Fant on 10-Nov-2011

  Very disappointing. I stopped in for a fuel quick turn and a quick lunch and nobody seemed interested. I left 10 minutes later. No fuel and no food.

Response from Denise Alexander, Owner, Ocean Air Aviation
Ocean Air Aviation takes great pride in our outstanding customer service. We feel good customer service is a dying breed and our intentions are to keep it alive. We are very sorry we did not have a courtesy car available for you to use. We do provide courtesy cars but have limited inventory. We have one of the lowest fuel prices in the state. The economy has changed drastically and it is a balance to provide courtesy items and offer a low fuel price. We currently don't charge for overnight hangars, ramp or facility fees, lav service, potable water, coffee, ice, popcorn, Starbucks coffee, not to mention we're the only FBO located directly on the ramp and a new facility. I hope you understand and will give Ocean Air another try as we do value your business and we love seeing your Bonanza at our front door.

From Jim Frost on 28-Sep-2011

  Ocean Air is a fantastic FBO. Great service and price. However, BEWARE, the airport authority has imposed unbelievably high use and parking fees and instead of just paying them at the FBO when you leave, they send you a bill a few weeks later! $150.00 for landing your turboprop. Check the fees before you go.
From Steve Boulton on 11-May-2011

  Ocean Air Aviation is an excellent facility with great service and an outstanding facility. Be aware though, that new fees came into effect for "use" of KOTH airport as of May 1, 2011. We dropped off a passenger in our Baron and 9 days later got a bill for $50 from the airport for "use". If we had been in a G5 it would have been $645.
From Aaron Weiss on 04-May-2011

  Flew in for the first time late at night and found out that the FBO is open 24 hours, which was an excellent surprise. Diana was excellent and even let us use the crew car to go grab a bite to eat. The FBO was outstanding, the only thing that was missing was a chocolate resting on the pillow. I highly recommend this FBO!
From Tim Evinger on 02-Sep-2010

  I flew into OTH on August 31 and was parked by a lineman at the front door of Ocean Air (Copper Roof Building by Tower) I was stunned at how well I was treated. I fly a single engine Cessna and I might as well have been pulling in with a GV. From the red carpet to the greeting by the lovely ladies at the desk who had printed a welcome sign, I had a great experience at this classy place. Nice to be treated like the big guys. Check it out... Impressive!
From Patrick Schmit on 08-Aug-2010

From Patrick Schmit on 08-Aug-2010

  I flew a corporate jet in KOTH last week and was greatly impressed by the work performance of Ocean Air. Three line guys professionally directed us on the ramp. We had a full plane of passengers and golf equipment that were quickly deplaned and unloaded with the help of line service. Inside at the helm of Ocean Air, Ashley was eager to lend a helping hand. She ensured the time/date of departure and staging of our aircraft. The kindness did not stop there. She then began to direct us to our hotel and give a six-page print out of anything and everything to do during our stay at KOTH. Not only did we leave to the hotel with confidence that our aircraft was in good hands we now had an itinerary of things to see during our stay. Overall we were blown away by the professionalism by everyone at Ocean Air. Thanks to Ashley's help of ideas for entertainment our stay was much enjoyable. If you are planning to travel to KOTH I highly recommend Ocean Air.
From Christian Henrichsen on 05-Jul-2010

  Flew to KOTH for a weekend at Bandon. Alex found us a rental car - great price - and the Staff handled our plane and us with white gloves; not Michael Jackson's. The shower before flying back to Arizona was the perfect finish of a great weekend! Great job Ocean Air.
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