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Fulton County Aviation

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From Rhea Sherwood on 02-Aug-2018

  Flew my Glasair Sportsman from 16X to RCR to visit my parents. I had called ahead, and a t-hangar was clean and ready for my plane. A big thanks to Bob and Matt for their hospitality. Also, to the two other gentlemen in the terminal (I didn't get their names) who helped push my plane back into the hangar after I took my mom & dad for a ride.
From Aaron Tobias on 30-Jun-2018

  Called Bob ahead of trip, very helpful advance info. Courtesy Van was available, but we didn't need it. Taxi to south end of taxiway past airport beacon tower and park at the end before the turn into the fire station, and then very short walk to good eats. Easy self-serve fuel pump and restrooms available 24 hrs in new terminal building.
From Paul Metzger on 27-Dec-2017

  Very cold on day after Christmas. I made a fuel stop and a week battery would not restart airplane. Guys helped track down a jump cart from Parkview Samaritan Flight Ops and got me turned around in just under an hour. Thanks for help!
From Curtis Berry on 30-Jul-2017

  Stopped in on our way back from Oshkosh. Fuel prices were great and several restaurants were within walking distance, we went to the Tweedle Dee's Restaurant which was pretty close and had an old classic diner look from the 50's, food and service were great. I think during the week it is breakfast and lunch but we were there on a Saturday and it was open until 8:00. I would check if you are going there for the restaurant. The FBO let us use their courtesy car which is a very nice van, great service and a good stop.
From Robert M Lynch on 10-Jul-2017

  Very friendly and accommodating staff. No ramp fees for tying down overnight. They even had 3 ropes for me to use since I had forgotten to bring some with me. Great airport with clean well built runway, taxiways, and ramp area.
From Neal Kite on 04-Jul-2017

  Great little fuel stop. Self-service works great, courteous car available, but heck there is a restaurant within walking distance. I will be back.
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