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Mid Atlantic Air Museum

at Reading Regional Airport/Carl A Spaatz Field

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From Eric Hazen on 18-Feb-2017

  Flew in 2/17/17 in my Archer from Boston. Very nice little museum. The outdoor exhibited planes are pretty sad, with birds nesting and most interiors open to the weather. The display hangar is packed (literally) with planes, many in flying condition. Something for everyone, from Pitts to Pietenpol to P-61B "black widow". Very slow in the winter. A very nice gentleman gave me a tour, and I poked around the gift shop for a while. Worth about an hour and a half for me. Taxi across the field for lunch in the new restaurant. Their WWII weekend is rumored to be well worth the trip, and I'll try to get down there in June.
From Mike Marra, Keystone Flight on 04-Feb-2017

  Best WW II Airshow in America every FIRST WEEK IN JUNE. This is really something to see! Fly in or drive in to be part of it!
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