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Santa Fe Aero Services

at Santa Fe Municipal Airport

  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Avionics sales and service
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Aircraft cleaning / washing / detailing
  • Aircraft parts
  • Aviation accessories
  • Aircraft sales / leasing / brokerage
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Pilots lounge / snooze room
  • Computerized weather
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Contact information
Address:121 Aviation Drive
Building 4002
Santa Fe, NM 87507
United States of America
Telephone: 505-795-7900
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From William Arthur on 27-Aug-2018

  Art Torres and his crew understand and respond professionally and expertly to the needs of aviation travelers. They dropped everything to change out a flat tire on our Cirrus so we could keep traveling with a minimum time loss - even though we were transients. Thanks Art!
From Paul McNally on 31-Jul-2018

  I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with Aero Services and the quality work of Brandon Maestas, chief avionics tech. After researching and contacting several avionics shops near my home airport (KAEG) to install ADS-B in my Bonanza, I finally chose Aero Services mostly due to my interactions with Brandon, who was very patient, knowledgeable, and responsive as I went through the various options.
From Glenn Smith on 26-Jul-2018

  Art, Carlos and Amanda are the best. A month ago I arrived Santa Fe with what appeared to be a partially clogged injector and they cleaned it and the plugs and it worked flawless ever since. I was so happy with their service that I scheduled them to work on an oil leak on my next trip to Santa Fe. Art knew what I was describing and Carlos replaced a crush washer under the copper washer that several A&Ps I talked to did not even know existed. Flew home for three hours and the oil leak is fixed. Great service, good prices and Amanda keeps you posted on progress of work while you drink margaritas in Santa Fe :-)
From Doug Rhodes on 05-Jun-2018

  As the comments below attest, the folks at Santa Fe Aero are TOP NOTCH! I took my Trig Transponder in for a software upgrade and it was PROFESSIONALLY handled by Brandon Maestes. Even though the manufacturer had a flaw on their end, Brandon made the whole process painless!! I would HIGHLY recommend these folks to those that either need repair work or are considering getting their 2020 compliant ADSB done, Santa Fe Aero can do it all. From Amanda welcoming you in to their office space to all the other small customer service gestures, this is a place you can really feel comfortable with.
From Tyler Martineau on 02-May-2018

  Santa Fe Aero performed a complete upgrade of the original King avionics in my Piper Archer II to the latest and greatest digital technology, including GPS, ADS-B and glass AI/HSI. Thanks to the fine work of Brandon, Art and Carlos in the shop and Amanda in the front office, the new systems work perfectly, both individually and collectively, as well as interfacing with the airplane's analog autopilot. The completed panel work is functional and visually appealing. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome!
From Mark McGuire, N82DT on 07-Apr-2018

  Recently had my Cessna Citation 501SP into Santa Fe Aero Services for some scheduled maintenance and squawk troubleshooting. Art and Brandon did an excellent job with the aircraft. Inspections were complied and issues were addressed and resolved. All was handled very professionally and the work was billed almost exactly as estimated. My wife and I certainly appreciate the hospitality and professionalism exhibited by the entire team, Art, Brandon, Troy and Ron. We are enjoying building a strong, long term working relationship with these folks and plan on taking our bird back to them in the future for service. The shop being located in Santa Fe is another bonus. Easy to get in and out of, multiple runways and approaches. We like to park at Jet Center Santa Fe and take advantage of their services and very competitive fuel prices. As a bonus, Santa Fe is a great place to spend a few days on vacation while the aircraft is being looked after. Highly recommended!
From Greg Hawkins on 26-Feb-2018

  My Cirrus SR22 was based at KSAF for two years and during that time everyone at Santa Fe Aero services bent over backwards to take excellent care of my SR22. Weather it was something simple or complex, Art, Brandon and Amanda not only made me feel 100% taken care of, but they had expertise and wisdom that I could count on. Now I am based on the East Coast and I really, really miss you all!
From Marty Smith on 30-Jan-2018

  Art and Brandon are total professionals! Come to think of it, everyone I dealt with at SF Aero Services was professional. They went above and beyond to explain the options, features and the benefits of the installed components. I'll be coming back for the next planned upgrade. Thanks y'all... Marty
From Trym Jenkins on 20-Nov-2017

  Brandon at Santa Fe Aero Services has excellent customer service and product knowledge. All my avionics upgrades will be done with Brandon. Great job
From Doug Marchant on 16-Oct-2017

  We were recently forced to land at KSAF with an alternator failure. The team at Aero Services went above and beyond to get us back in the air as quickly as possible. Their workmanship was excellent, customer service excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of maintenance.
From Ed Livermore Jr. on 05-Sep-2017

  On a 5-hour flight in our Bonanza from the Bay area to Santa Fe, our autopilot failed, and we finished the trip on the V bars and flight director in heavy turbulence and jogging around thunderstorms. In Santa Fe, we were directed to Aero Services and Brandon Maestas who quickly diagnosed the issue and made the repair. The a/p has worked perfectly since. We really appreciate Brandon's rapid response, analysis, and proper repair...It made the balance of our trip east much more pleasurable.
From Jim Daniell on 29-Aug-2017

  We were about to depart SAF in my C-182 when the mag check caused one of them to nearly shut the engine down. Art and Gerard started with the least invasive test of pulling and cleaning all the plugs. Upon reinstallation, the problem was still there. They pulled the left mag and declared it a dead hombre. Cold to the touch. We were anxious to get back to San Antonio ahead of what became Hurricane Harvey in a couple of days. They ordered the new mag to be delivered first thing the following morning. I got a call about 8:30 the next morning that they did not have the part, but could track it and that at least is was in Santa Fe. They sent someone out to flag the truck down that was carrying our part, got it to their shop by about 9:30 and had it installed and had checked the smooth running of the engine and both mags by just after 11:00. These folks are above and beyond the call. In fact, everyone at SAF, from Jet Center FBO to the tower and ground controllers were excellent!
From Melvin Price on 10-Aug-2017

  I landed at SAF in my Mirage with a problem. Mr. Arturo Torres the Maintenance Supervisor at Aero Services, immediately trouble shot the engine and found a bad turbocharger. He ordered a replacement and had it overnighted so that by the next day, the airplane was ready to fly. His mechanic did an outstanding job with very careful attention to detail; I was very impressed with the entire episode. The service at the Jet Center and by Aero Services were absolutely excellent and I strongly recommend them for any problem you may have.
From Bob Perry on 05-Aug-2017

  I had SFAS install a software upgrade on my SR-22. Art was super helpful and cut his lunch short to complete the upgrade. As usual, this time of year, thunderstorms rolled in and we spent the night. Art help us get rooms and had the airplane ready to go in the morning. Way to go!!! These guys are great! If you have a Cirrus, Garmin or Aspen, these guys know what you need!
From John Shufeldt on 13-May-2017

  I went to Aero Services to upgrade the avionics in a CJ2 to Garmin 750s. Not only was the quality flawless but came in below budget and earlier than promised. I am so happy with their professionalism and service, I brought a T28 for an avionics upgrade. Strong work!
From Andres Lisocki on 30-Mar-2017

  Went in for unscheduled work on an MU 2 and although not many of those go through their doors, they did all the legwork to dig up manuals and did a very professional job. Their attitude was excellent, very helpful and the price was quite fair. I'd love to have a shop like this one always available.
From Lisa Swayze on 11-Dec-2016

  Had to drive my low King Air battery an hour and a half from a nearby town to Santa Fe Aero Service for charging. Everyone was very friendly, and their place was very tidy, and showed pride in their business. I was lucky that my battery had no damage, and didn't take to long to charge. Even better were the words you almost never hear in aviation maintenance - no charge. Thank you!
From Pierre Melcher on 07-Aug-2016

  It's hard to express how happy I was with Aero Services without sounding crazy overly enthusiastic. I had them install a new Aspen PFD and an EDM-930 engine monitor in my Micco SP26. Art and Brandon were great!! They did a super job and kept me up to date with the whole install. They also did some cool enhancements such as tucking magnets behind the new panel so my iPhone case would adhere to the panel - totally cool!
From Jeff Duncan on 23-Jul-2016

  I was charged $600 for a tow off the runway and a tire/tube replacement on a 182. The bill reflected 3.3 hours of labor for the tire/tube replacement, which according to several mechanics is absurd. I feel that I was taken advantage of due to not being local and being stuck. The staff was very friendly and helpful, but I don't believe that the customer service was worth the charges.
From Stephen Rath on 11-May-2016

  I have been using SF Aero for 3 years and continue to be impressed with the high standards and quality consistently delivered. Art, Gerardo, and Brandon are second to none. They have been able to find and fix squawks that other shops tried unsuccessfully to fix for years. Number 1 in my logbook!
From Carolyn Bell on 11-May-2016

  My Diamond DA40 has G1000 and Synthetic Vision Technology. Art and Brandon have done a super job over the last 4 years keeping the plane and all the electronics ticking. I recommend their shop highly.
From Ken Trager on 20-Jan-2016

  Was in Santa Fe Aero Service to do a pre-buy from out of town (Atlanta, GA). I had service from the staff everyone that reminds you of service you would get 20 years ago. During the prebuy inspection, I had a few small problems with Airframe and Avionics, but Santa Fe Aero Services Art and Brandon stepped up and give a service experience second to none. The hangar and shop area is clean and organized, this is what makes a great shop. I recommend it highly after all my other experiences. Also, the technicians are friendly and are willing to help out. Thank you staff and hope to see you again!!
From Brett Wilkes on 20-Jan-2016

  Have had multiple experiences with Santa Fe Aero and they have been excellent! Most recently Art and Brandon helped with a pre-purchase inspection and the customer service was the best I have ever experienced in general aviation. These guys not only know their business, but they know how to run a first-class operation. Highly recommend Santa Fe Aero for maintenance or avionics as I have had them do both for me and can't say enough great things about them.
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