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Dolphin Aviation

Sarasota's Only 24 hour full service FBO.
Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport
UNICOM 122.95

Sarasota/Bradenton Int'l Airport
8191 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34243
United States of America

Fax 941-355-7197

 Phillips 66® Aviation Contract Fuel   Go Rentals 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Aviation Fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tie down)
  • Hangers
  • Large passenger terminal & lounge
  • Rental cars
  • Pilot shop
  • Flight training / aircraft rental
  • Aircraft charters
  • Coffee shop
  • Maintenance
  • Avionics service
  • WSI weather computer
  • Internet access (wireless internet access in lounge)
  • Aircraft sales
  • Catering
  • Office space
  • Conference room w/Wireless & 42" LCD vcr/dvd
  • Courtesy car
  • Sleep room w/wireless and 42" LCD TV
  • Go Rentals rental cars
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: Open Daily 6am-10pm, Call 941-355-2902 Option 1 After Hours
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.92
Jet A Full service    $5.53
Discounts: Phillips/Premium Card/Colt/Mercury/Phillips Conoco Into-plane/There isn't a uplift fee for using contract fuel. No ramp fees for single engine turboprops.
Prices include all taxes.
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Jet fuel prices include Prist. Ramp Fees: Light Jet & Medium twin turboprops $200 waived w/200 gal purchase/Large Jet & Large twin turboprops $300 waived w/250 gal purchase/Heavy Jet - wide body (G-V, Global Express) $500 waived w/350 gal purchase/Super Heavy Jet (Airliner) $600 waived w/450 gal purchase.  
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From Mike Ciholas on 01-Dec-2019

  Decent service still annoyed by the "create a new fee" tactics. $30 "airport fee" does NOT go to the airport, it is a random fee Dolphin created. Similar complaint for the "comm fee" of $16. I don't understand why FBOs try to be like cable and phone companies which seem to be all about tricking customers into paying more than being straight up about what they charge.
From KC Cross on 12-Sep-2019

  The line staff is the greatest, however, Watch out of hidden fees! If you buy below 100 gallons, they’re no fees. If you buy MORE than 100 gallons, there is $47 in fees! The FBO actually encourages pilots to purchase LESS fuel. Not a very smart business decision on their part. I have been using Dolphin Aviation at least weekly since 2011. New management and their ever-increasing fees are sending me to their competitors!
From Mike Ciholas on 24-Jul-2019

  Dolphin has created fees they don't waive with fuel and gave them names, which sound like they are imposed and collected by others. I was charged $30 "airport fee" which I know is NOT imposed or collected by the airport, despite the name. I was also charged $16 "comm fee". When I asked what the fees are for, the counter person could not explain and simply said they are put on every invoice. The apparent tactic is to create a number of small fees and give them names, which imply they are not going to Dolphin. The industry norm is to waive facility or ramp fees for fuel purchase and this is a way around that practice. It would be more honest to simply call them "random fee #1" and "random fee #2", or better yet have just one "random fee". Yet another step towards FBOs becoming more like cable or phone companies with indecipherable fees and taking time from customers and their employees explaining them all. Sigh.
From Eric Opiela on 24-Jun-2019

  Had to stop here for fuel due to an unexpected hold over the Gulf. While taxiing into the ramp picked up a piece of wire in my tire. That was just the beginning. An Allegiant A320 pulled up next and the line crew insisted on fueling it before me because it was a bigger order. An hour later (after they couldn't find a ladder to fuel the airliner) I was fueled but they couldn't process my fuel release. The fuel was the most expensive I've bought in a year too. Run far far away from SRQ and Dolphin.
From Hunter Seley on 01-Mar-2019

  Called Dolphin to give details of our international arrival and to reserve rental car. Arrived on time. Requested rental car to be delivered plane side. Car was not delivered. Called again. Was told they didn't have any more cars and they forgot to reserve a car. Suggested they arrange an Uber so as not to delay a tired crew that needed to fly the next day. Entered the FBO and was told they had a car but the line guys were too busy to get it. It was not busy. I asked for the keys and went to find it myself, which I did. Had to call three times to get ramp gate opened. Again, not busy. Loaded crew, signed rental agreement. Arrived following day and was charged $445.00 for the car. Had to deal with Go Rentals in their lobby. Go Rentals associate was very nice and we agreed on reasonable price. Dolphin dropped the ball. Poor communication. Never even assisted with rental car issues. One of the worst FBO visits I've ever experienced. I will not be using this FBO again.
From Alejandro Tache on 28-Oct-2018

  I went here on a business trip to rest and get something to eat, since I was going to stay for a couple hours they denied me the use of the courtesy car, even when I told them I only needed for less than an hour, to go get something to eat. They implied I was a lair and I end up using Uber Eats.
From John Skittone on 19-Feb-2018

  I had an excellent experience at Dolphin Aviation! I needed a place to meet with a client, and they let me use a private conference room for a few hours. The facility is very nice, and the front desk staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Wish I could have stayed longer, but I will be back! Thank You!
From Elliot Zeltzer on 12-Oct-2017

  Had to stop for about 3 hours this facility is great and they pay attention to you in the area and need to go to Sarasota stop here!
From Trace Lewis on 09-Sep-2017

  First time into Dolphin was today to pick people up evacuating for a hurricane Irma. The place was a zoo but everyone was very helpful and efficient for quick turn after quick turn. There were no excess fees after we purchased a moderate amount of gas. Would love to return! Thanks!
From Thomas Hall on 30-May-2017

  Called the afternoon before our trip and inquired about availability of rental car and price, as well as fees. Spoke with Ryan who was quite helpful. He assured me that there would be a car onsite without a reservation. (I wasn't sure if the trip was actually going to happen). He said that there would be not ramp fee or minimum purchase if I were only there for the day. Over night would be $19.95 for a piston single. We arrived about 8:30 AM and were mustered to a spot near the FBO door. The aircraft was moved to a nearby parking spot for the day. We got a rental car ($40) and were off. It is easy to navigate to Dolphin since it is directly on Tamiami Trail. We returned about 7PM and paid for the fuel we added. (10 gallons @ $5.99/gallon FS. Friendly crew. Overall a good experience.
From Mark Spitzer on 03-Apr-2017

  Stayed for a week. Very friendly, overall good experience.
From Troy DiGiovanni on 03-Mar-2017

  We started using Dolphin about a year ago and have been very pleased. Steve and the crew have always given us good service and they have reasonable hangar rates. They also added Go Rentals inside the FBO. Rico and Andrea have made rental car arrangements for the Crew and passengers very easy, and provide great customer service.
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