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Pyper Kub Cafe and Restaurant

at Williston Municipal Airport

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From Kevin Cook on 18-Dec-2017

  Great breakfast. Recently move to Northwest Florida from Hampton Roads area in Virginia and it is nice that many airfields in Florida have an on-field restaurant.
From Terry A. Riney on 05-May-2017

  Lunch at the Pyper Kub was very good. It ain't the Ritz, but it'll do. Don't pay attention to the naysayers on the food. The place is very clean, staff is friendly, my wife and I had a great time with the owner. It was a blessing to stop there.
From John Hyle on 19-Apr-2017

  Three of us stopped in on the way to PGD and a formation clinic. Place wasn't that busy, there were open tables. Stood at cash register to be ignored, and then sat at a table, to be ignored while every local that came through the door was greeted like a long lost brother. I finally got up and went outside while the other two stayed. About 45 minutes later they final returned having finally been waited on. Service is non-existent and the food wasn't that good.
From Warren Levin on 02-Apr-2017

  Hi all, this is one of the best secrets in all of Central Florida. With the exception of today. The FBO is great, it's what happened after, landed, went over to the Pyper Kub they were busy. That's good, sat at the counter, didn't want to take up a table just myself. After about 10 minutes asked the owner, Dave if he could take my order. His response we're busy wait your turn. Not the way to greet customers!
From Charles Davidson on 03-Feb-2016

  Nice airport restaurant, convenient and friendly, fast service for lunch on our way back from the Keys to NC. Good food, very good price.
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