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City of Haskell

at Haskell Municipal Airport

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On this page we can display a detailed listing with information that pilots, dispatchers, and aircraft owners and operators look for about City of Haskell, including:
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  • ... and much more.

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From Johnny Claflin on 14-Mar-2022

  Never, ever land here! Stopped there in my vehicle to haul fuel to my airport. I admit, didn't check NOTAMS, which only says fuel unavailable. The pump was on and accepted my money for 25 gallons. First five gallon seemed to fill okay, and then started spitting, looked to see the pump was hitting 25 gallons and shut off. It only gave me about 7 gallons and charged me $95. I called the city who said they'd look into it. After 2 weeks I called them and they told me it was my fault and weren't refunding me any money. They need to turn the damn pump off!!! Unless this is a way they like to steal money from people.
From Jim Ivey on 18-Oct-2021

  Card reader refused to work. Fuel hose was unrolled and nozzle tossed in the dirt without the protective cap on with 100LL dripping from it. The button for the electric fuel hose reel was smashed in, broken and inop. The bonding cable reel to ground the airplane was missing the clamp for the airframe. The bathrooms were a mess and missing TP and paper towels. The whole vibe smacked of a run-down who cares local bureaucratic management. We went to nearby Stamford where things are a lot nicer, newer with friendly folks.
From Mark T. Muller on 26-Sep-2021

  Called ahead to confirm fuel is available. The 'town admin' guy never returned my call. Based on comments, I expected fuel. Very bad experience: Card reader gave error mssg. "downloading from another computer... System not available". THEY KNEW THIS AND DID NOT INFORM ME. I landed fuel critical and had to transition to another airport. DO NOT LAND HERE. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT PILOTS, SAFETY OR ANYTHING AVIATION RELATED. Beware. STAY AWAY.
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