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City of Port Aransas

at Mustang Beach Airport

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From Chris Piety on 29-May-2022

  Flew in for a few days to hit the beach before the weekend crowds. Plenty of parking although tie downs had small chain holes making my large hook tie downs useless without some improvisation using some shop rags. A/C and clean restrooms in the pilot lounge, and SS pump worked great for me. Beautiful approach and departure views. Convenient to beach. Can't wait to return - this is what the flying life is all about!
From Paul Jensen on 11-Apr-2022

  Flew in on Friday (Sandfest weekend) and had a great time. Tried to use the fuel pump on Sunday morning. It would not read 2 different credit cards. Fortunately another pilot had a card that worked (I paid him in cash). He said sand gets in the reader (doesn't have a cover to prevent this). Otherwise the airport is great.
From Mitchell Krynik on 06-May-2021

  Great little airport
From Grant Wittenborn on 22-Mar-2021

  Great airport location with an easy walk to the beach (or rent a golf cart). Paved runway is in great shape with plenty of tie down locations, bring your own tie down ropes and chocks. Note the transient tie downs are located along the grass closest to the street, there are other reserved tie downs with N numbers stenciled on the ground. Self-serve fuel pump is in good working order with easy access at a good price. Clean bathrooms in the FBO office. There is an overnight fee of $5 per engine, per tail number, and is deposited in an envelope at the FBO building. Skydiving ops at the airport with fairly regular activity. Will definitely fly in again.
From LeWayne Garrison on 02-Nov-2019

  Airport seems neat and tidy. Plenty of paved tie down area. Didn't use fuel pumps but seemed in order and fuel $4.15 per gallon
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