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Only minutes from Downtown Dallas, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas Market Center, the American Airlines Center, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington & Cowboys Stadium
Large Ramp with no daily parking fees (hangar fees and overnight ramp fees apply)
Centrally located on field
No Arrival or Departure Delays
Great transient stop in central US

Neighborhood grocery, dining and retail nearby

Economy fuel pricing - 100LL & JetA
Limo, taxi and rental car services
Catering arrangements
24-hour security
Aircraft sales, consulting & brokerage

T-hangars for lease - 42’ to 60’
a Box hangar/office for lease - 60’ to 150’

Build-to-Suit Executive or Corporate hangars 
Onsite FAR part 135 certified maintenance;
a Airframe & Avionics repair
Firestation #49 onsite ARFFE equipped


New Terminal
FAA Controlled Tower
ATIS: 126.35
RWY 13/31 - 6431'
RWY 17/35 - 3,800'

  100LL - Full-Service: $6.25 AIRBOSS $6.15
  Jet-A - Full-Service: $5.60 AIRBOSS $5.45

(Prices include all taxes.)


FUELING HOURS: Open 7 days; 06:00am--22:00pm or as requested after hours. * After-hours Fuel Surcharge Applies. After hours number to call 214-251-6512 or 817-366-5068
FUEL DISCOUNTS: Call for volume Jet-A purchasing discounts or hangar lease plus fuel packages - ask for Brian Myler - General Manager
Prices posted on AirNav guaranteed.



ASRI: 131.90

Dallas Executive Airport
5435 Saturn Drive, LB 12
Dallas, Texas 75237
P: 214-623-8800
F: 214-623-8956

George Moussa

Operations Manager
David Lutrick

For request or services please contact

After Hours Emergency Numbers
David Lutrick 214-251-6512
George Moussa 214-693-0858
Brian Myler 817-366-5068

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From Dean Schwertfeger on 14-Apr-2023

  Flew in today and did a quick turn. Line folks and front desk people were spot on!! Excellent service, and super friendly people. Highly recommended!!
From Stefan Buca on 03-Feb-2023

  Excellent FBO! Everyone is extremely helpful and nice. The facility is top notch as well! Special thanks to Brian who went out of his way to get me out of a bind! The line guys are well trained and know what they are doing. Definitely recommend using Ambassador when stopping at Dallas Exec. Easy access to Dallas downtown/uptown via Uber, and the airport is much less congested than Addison/Love.
From Don Richie on 20-Sep-2022

  I have gone into Ambassador Jet a couple of times to pick up and drop off Angel Flight Patients. These folks bent over backwards to help. All I can say is thank you for being as gracious as you are. Your service is wonderful, and I cannot say enough about your staff!!!
From Allen Jones on 05-Sep-2022

  I regularly pop in to fuel my TBM and I always receive professional and friendly service. Great job Dena and crew!
From Chuck Stallings on 30-Aug-2022

  Dena & the gang give consistently good service
From Tod Forbess on 01-Aug-2022

  Easiest and fastest Airport/FBO to downtown Dallas! It is only 22 minutes to Las Colinas!!!! Nice FBO amenities! "Jet Center" is in their name...But they treated this Skylane driver like a pro. IFR: Good approaches with a tower and radar...Easy transition from Regional Control. No long "release times" on the go. VFR: Easy out or under the Bravo airspace to the south. If it has been a while since you have been to Dallas Executive Airport (aka Redbird for the old timers!), next time you travel to Big D, make Redbird your destination and Ambassador your FBO. You will be glad you did!!!!
From Mark Congco on 25-Jun-2022

  My go-to in the Dallas area. Dena, Francisco, Diana, and Veronica are all fantastic as always. Left an expensive pair of prescription sunglasses and they were kind enough to offer to ship it, but I come here enough that they held onto them until I needed to be in Dallas again. Enterprise rental car was on point as always. Just discovered that I don't need to rush if I don't need any services and get back after the FBO closes. Just check with the desk for the code and enjoy your time in Dallas, even if you don't get back until 1AM. If you need services, there is a call-out fee.
From Bryan Bogle on 09-Apr-2022

  Friendly staff nice, facilities, and the best fuel prices I've see (especially with AirBoss) in North Texas. Also got a chance to see the B36 and B24 taking trips around the pattern. Also let us use the crew car for a couple of hours! We'll be back!
From R Hill on 06-Mar-2022

  Dena makes this FBO feel like the South. She and her linemen are good. The engines are just turned off on the Citation and the car is pulled up and everyone wants to help with the luggage. She greets you at the lobby and ready to assist with what we need. Great Metroplex FBO.
From Matt Cortigiani on 05-Feb-2022

  My company and I always have the most wonderful experience when working with Ambassador. They are unparalleled across the country in hospitality and customer service. Whenever one of us gets assigned to RBD, one of the first things we say to each other is "Hooray, we get to see Dena again"! No matter how long it has been since one of us has been to Dallas, Dena always remembers every one of our faces and is there to greet us with a warm smile and a full bowl of chocolates
From Koby Wilson on 31-Jan-2022

  Amazing FBO that goes above and beyond to help out! I landed there late one evening and was stuck for weather. Struck out on getting a hotel myself. Corinne was able to secure us 3 rooms within about 10 minutes, gave us directions to the hotel, and food recommendations. She made sure the plane was in a good spot for the night and the line guys had us fueled and ready for an early departure the next morning. 10/10- would recommend, especially compared to other airports/fbos in the Dallas area.
From David Vingiano on 31-Oct-2021

  The best FBO in the country! Everyone from Brian the General Manager to Deana, Deanna, Corrine and the entire line staff will go out of their way to help in any way possible. It's truly a refreshing experience after going to so many Signatures, Atlantic's, ect... Besides the great service and prices you can't beat the convenience getting to downtown Dallas. Never had to wait more than 1 minute for IFR release. There's no question that I would choose this airport and FBO over KDAL any day of the week.
From Sebastian DaValle on 26-Aug-2021

  Thanks Dena for helping us out every time we're passing through Dallas Exec. She always goes the extra mile and makes us feel welcome. A bright spot in our busy day!
From Jeff Perkins on 12-Jul-2021

  Awesome service and knowledgeable staff! Thanks to Dena, Hunter and Omar for you help and care taken with our airplane. Great team at Ambassador Jet Center!
From Mark Congco on 21-May-2021

  As always, the crew at Ambassador Jet goes above and beyond to take great care of us. I fly a piston single but have flown in a jet to Ambassador and the treatment is exactly the same. I feel like a valued customer even if I can't put 600 gallons of jet A each time I visit. Also, their rate with Enterprise can't touch their competitions, which was more than double the daily rate. The fuel is full serve and incredibly reasonably priced for the amenities including a last minute rental car and availability of hangar if there was to be inclement weather. Thanks to Martin for promptly meeting us as we radioed in and bringing our rental car planeside to offload bags. Big shoutout to Deana who is always super sweet. Corinne took care of us when we departed and asked to pull the plane up front to the terminal, which was greatly appreciated.
From Jon Stansel on 04-Mar-2021

  Ambassador Jet Center at KRBD sets the standard for FBO operations. Their customer service is second to none and is my go to FBO when flying to the Dallas area. I arrived today thinking getting a rental car wouldn't be a problem without a prior reservation only to find out that all of the rental car companies were sold out. Thanks to Corinne DeFrank for pulling a rabbit out of the hat and finding a car for me. It would have been so easy to just say that nothing was available but she immediately starting making calls to her contacts and on about the fourth call, she located a car for me. Thanks for the great service.
From Jim Dippel on 05-Jan-2021

  I have never had a bad experience using Ambassador. From the line personnel to the office people, everyone is fast on service, cheerful, friendly, courteous and helpful and they always go out of their way to make stopping in a pleasure!!
From Lonnie Steverson on 23-Dec-2020

  Very great stop. Good fuel price and vey helpful. Thanks Corinne for getting a car on drop of hat. Highly recommend this place for fuel stop.
From Stanley Victoria on 21-Dec-2020

  Very nice people at FBO, they went out of their way to accommodate our passengers and the flight crew. Dena was especially helpful in getting the flight up and running again after we locked ourselves out of crew car on the ramp planeside. I didn't do it, I didn't do it. She also made some great suggestions for lunch. Thanks again Dena
From Pat Boone on 30-Nov-2020

  Certainly the BEST FBO in the Dallas area! Dena is the gem of the whole operation. Hunter and Corine do outstanding work. Great airport. Great tower. Great FBO. Pat Boone
From Dan Wyson on 28-Nov-2020

  Absolutely one of my favorite FBOs. Top notch service, always with a big smile. Rental car is always planeside. Fantastic fuel prices and just a wonderful group of people. And a special shout out to Dena who brings that wonderful southern charm.
From Irwin Pentland on 18-Oct-2020

  If you are stopping in the Dallas area, KRBD & Ambassador Jet Ctr is the BEST. Ambassador has by far the cheapest JetA (CAA) in the area. I arrived right before high winds were forecast and the linemen (Marty & Hunter) did a superb job moving me right into a hangar. Corinne on arrival and Deana at departure were extremely helpful with all my questions & needs. It was a true pleasure stopping here.
From Terry Jones on 06-Oct-2020

  My experience at Ambassador last Saturday was excellent - as it has been on many previous stops there. Dena is wonderful!
From Austin Dickson on 03-Oct-2020

  Always a pleasure doing business with Ambassador Jet. Customer service is friendly and welcoming. Dena always goes above and beyond to make sure every visit is one to remember.
From Keith Pache on 01-Jul-2020

  Deana Ellis was friendly and very helpful. Will be back!!
From Philip Nicholson on 18-Jun-2020

  Excellent service! Over $1.00/gal discount for Angel Flight. Dena, the dispatcher, was very helpful! Will definitely revisit Ambassador.
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