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ID City Name
KAFOAftonAfton Municipal Airport
46UAlpineAlpine Airport
KBPIBig PineyMiley Memorial Field Airport
KBYGBuffaloJohnson County Airport
KCPRCasperCasper/Natrona County International Airport
KHADCasperHarford Field Airport
KCYSCheyenneCheyenne Regional Airport/Jerry Olson Field
KCODCodyYellowstone Regional Airport
U06CokevilleCokeville Municipal Airport
U68Cowley/Lovell/ByronNorth Big Horn County Airport
KDWXDixonDixon Airport
KDGWDouglasConverse County Airport
KDUBDuboisDubois Municipal Airport
KEVWEvanstonEvanston-Uinta County Airport - Burns Field
KFBRFort BridgerFort Bridger Airport
KGCCGilletteNortheast Wyoming Regional Airport
76VGlendoThomas Memorial Airport
48UGreen RiverGreater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport
KGEYGreybullSouth Big Horn County Airport
KGURGuernseyCamp Guernsey Airport
W43HulettHulett Municipal Airport
KJACJacksonJackson Hole Airport
KEMMKemmererKemmerer Municipal Airport
KLNDLanderHunt Field Airport
KLARLaramieLaramie Regional Airport
KLSKLuskLusk Municipal Airport
80VMedicine BowMedicine Bow Airport
KECSNewcastleMondell Field Airport
82VPine BluffsPine Bluffs Municipal Airport
KPNAPinedaleRalph Wenz Field Airport
KPOYPowellPowell Municipal Airport
KRWLRawlinsRawlins Municipal Airport/Harvey Field
KRIWRivertonCentral Wyoming Regional Airport
KRKSRock SpringsSouthwest Wyoming Regional Airport
KSAASaratogaShively Field Airport
KSHRSheridanSheridan County Airport
49UShoshoniShoshoni Municipal Airport
KHSGThermopolisHot Springs County Airport
KTORTorringtonTorrington Municipal Airport
83VUptonUpton Municipal Airport
KEANWheatlandPhifer Airfield
KWRLWorlandWorland Municipal Airport

The above list contains only public use airports and may be incomplete.
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