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City Terminal Flight Services


New Braunfels Regional Airport
UNICOM 122.70

New Braunfels Regional Airport
2333 FM 758
New Braunfels, TX 78130
United States of America

Fax 830-620-9017
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • 24 hour access for phone, restroom, vending and flight planning
  • 5,000 square feet terminal
  • Full-service Jet-A/w additive and 100LL fuels
  • Meeting room (up to 45 people)
  • Flight planning with computerized weather
  • VIP pilot lounge
  • 24 hours 100LL and Jet A self service pumps located on the northwest ramp area near the end of Runway 13. Two large above ground fuel tanks. All major credit cards, AirBP, Avcard and Multi-service cards
  • GPU
  • LAV Service
  • Rental Car Assistance
  • Hotel Reservation Assistance
  • Courtesy Car (First come first serve)
Aviation fuel services
Brand: EPIC
Fueling hours: Open every day 7am-7pm

After hours service by request, $75 call out fee.

Self Service is open 24 hours for your convenience. Hoses are located in steal cabinets next to the fuel tanks.

100LL & Jet A self-service available 24 hours a day!!
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.73
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.28
Jet A Full service    $4.20
Jet A Self service    $3.65
Prices include all taxes.
GPU Available!!

Self Service is open 24 hours for your convenience. Hoses are located in steal cabinets next to the fuel tanks.LAV Service Available!!!  
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From Mark Davison on 06-Oct-2016

  I travel to New Braunfels on a fairly regular basis. I always have line service to help with parking and great service at the counter. Plane is always properly fueled and ready when time to go.
From Robert Braun on 05-Oct-2016

  Arrived on a Sunday afternoon late and was met by attendant on arrival and was refueled in a very timely manner. Really clean facilities with an accessible computer to check weather. Helped with acquiring a hotel and was available anytime we asked a question. Excellent FBO. Try it sometime. Don't forget, New Braunfels is one of those really good, natural water recreation spots.
From Brock Benjamin on 09-Aug-2016

  Landed after a long day of flying with multiple stops. Met at ramp, helped immediately. More important, I tried to buy something, they were out and went out of their way to figure out how to solve a minor issue. It was an example of individuals that believe is customer service. Nice facility too... Also fairly close to downtown NB and the good bars and food.
From Layton Curd on 15-Jun-2016

  Taxied up, a lineman was there to help me tie down and helped me carry the bags into the terminal. Friendly service and plane prep prior to the departure as well. I will be coming back for sure!
From Nigel Milligan on 05-May-2016

  I've been here before and still a great FBO. Line guys are prompt, friendly and helpful. The manager Scott even drove me to my hotel as my road transport was delayed. Thanks guys!
From Alan R. Stahlman on 25-Apr-2016

  I fly my C-208 Caravan into BAZ because of the fuel prices and excellent service. Scott and his staff are very people friendly.
From LeRoy Melcher on 26-Feb-2016

  Flew through twice in the same week. FBO could not have been more charming and helpful.
From Michael Bates on 23-Feb-2016

  Super nice staff and excellent service.
From Nigel Milligan on 02-Feb-2016

  Stopped here for fuel and 2 x overnight on several occasions over a week while doing survey work in the area. (Hangared the helicopter at Texas Aviation Academy - $45 a night). Great crew from the airport manager to the line guys - helpful, prompt, nice FBO. Brenda's a gem. No worries here - you'll be looked after. Recommend.
From Dan Herr on 25-Jan-2016

  Brenda was a great help with a rental car. She also helped me find hangar space for 2 weeks with Texas Aviation Academy. Texas Aviation has a great fleet of flight school airplanes - and their mechanics took good car of me when I had a mag failure.
From Mike Waldecker on 17-Jan-2016

  On a cold morning, I called and requested my engine heater be plugged in. When I arrived my plane was ready to go. Staff is very helpful and has a great attitude.
From Derrick Dunegan on 05-Dec-2015

  Flew in today in a 172 on a long XC flight. I was met at the FBO by a friendly lineman who got my tanks topped off. Overall good experience, super nice FBO, although I'll say the ATC service I received wasn't the best. Not rude but maybe a little on the lazy side.
From Greg Scheideman on 22-Nov-2015

  I cannot speak more highly of an FBO than I can of this fine establishment. We arrived early, before normal opening time, and the line guys were busy getting ready for the day. But they were nice enough to interrupt their routine to help us with a crew car and got us on our way quickly. Thank you so much!
From Darrell Bivens on 17-Nov-2015

  Visited 2x in the last few weeks. Had maintenance issues and the support was great, went back for shopping and lunch a few weeks later. Awesome crew, very helpful. Great courtesy cars, restaurant very close to the airport is great home cooking. Easy access to Outlet mall if youíre looking for a place to shop or take wife.
From Kevin Dedon on 03-Nov-2015

  I flew into KBAZ for a cross country and decided to take a break in the FBO before flying back. The facilities are great and I felt very welcome. The pilotís lounge is well furnished providing a welcome rest.
From Kenneth Adelman on 18-Sep-2015

  Very quick quick-turn, nice facility, and friendly staff.
From Bob Nunn on 21-Aug-2015

  I flew our PA32 with my wife and two granddaughters for a weekend vacation. I could not have asked for better service. Heather greeted us with a smile and had our rental car ready. This FBO is a great stop. Facilities are clean and everyone is friendly. Thanks City of New Braunfels.
From Stan Siry on 08-Jul-2015

  Fly in here from Virginia a few times a year and always a good experience. Called Heather 3 hours out and she arranged a rental on short notice. Eric met us and had the plane fueled for our departure a few days later. Good people and service.
From David Palmer on 04-Jul-2015

  I will admit that I've had less than perfect service at this facility in the past, but this last trip was pitch perfect! Scott Weber couldn't have been more accommodating in terms of arranging for rental cars, making the facility available to us after regular hours or in terms of fuel service or even pulling up our airplane to the front door just prior to our departure. Great experience---we'll be back! Dave Palmer, Palmer Air Taxi, LLC 3 July 2015
From Steve Mustaikis on 29-Jun-2015

  I called the day before our arrival and Heather set us up with a hotel and a rental car. They pulled the car out to the plane for us. The office staff was great. The line guy wasn't going to move our plane to a tie down until I asked him to because a storm was moving in. Fuel service was as requested.
From Sam M on 11-Jun-2015

  I've overnight here multiple times, every time it was a terrible experience. I am a very simple customer - I simply ask for a top off in my Cessna and expect a full fuel tank in the morning. All six times I've overnight they have forgotten to fuel my plane. Line guys stand around and don't offer any help on parking or tie down. They are more worried about smoking their cigarettes. No help on hotels or rental cars. Not related to this FBO, but the tower controllers are jerks for no reason. Plenty of greater fuel stops or places to overnight in the SAT/AUS area.
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