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Cook Aviation

At Cook Aviation, celebrating our 30th year, we believe that business goes where it's invited and stays where it's appreciated. We invite you to be our guest....
To show our appreciation, we provide CADILLAC Courtesy Cars and ON SITE RENTAL CARS/VANS to make your stay convenient. Upon your arrival, look for our newly remodeled facility welcoming you to Indiana with "HOOSIER" Hospitality.

Monroe County Airport
UNICOM 122.95

970 S. Kirby Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47403-9392
United States of America

toll-free 1-800-880-3499
Fax 812-825-3701

Rex G. Hinkle, President
Rhonda Stafford, Office Manager
Steve Capps, Line Service Manager

 U.S. Government AIR Card   WSI Pilotbrief   CAA Preferred FBO   AVTRIP   Crew cars 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Jet A / 100LL
  • Avfuel Contract Fuel
  • Quick Turn Service
  • ON SITE Rental Cars/Vans
  • CADILLAC Courtesy Cars
  • AvTrip Points
  • Quiet, Comfortable Pilot Lounge
  • Passenger Waiting Area
  • Custom Catering
  • Aviation Weather Computer & Flight Planning Area
  • Wireless High-Speed Internet Access
  • Hotel Reservation Service Offering Special Crew Rates
  • Baggage Handling/Ground Services to Private & Commercial Aircraft B/727's, B/737's
  • Air Stairs For Commercial Aircraft
  • Certified Forklift Operators - Freight
  • Lav, De-Ice, GPU
  • Complimentary Fresh Baked Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Complimentary Coffee & Ice
  • Vending Area
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 7am to 8pm Daily.
24 hour service with prior arrangement. Call FBO at (800)880-3499 to arrange. After hours: (812) 829-8156 or (812) 360-3336
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.70
Jet A Full service    $4.00
Discounts: AvFuel Contract Program
Prices include all taxes.
Professional Line Service & Office Staff  
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From Dan Herr on 02-Apr-2018

  Great CAA fuel stop: truck with two hoses immediately at the plane, Cadillac crew car for lunch, GPU, friendly and competent service. I look forward to my next visit.
From Paul M. Ferroni on 26-Mar-2018

  We used Cook Aviation for two weeks, with two aircraft, while working on a mapping project. Their service was great and the employees were a joy to work with. We found their pricing fair and were most accommodating with our requests. We look forward to seeing them again. Thanks Rex and staff!!
From Bud Cool on 07-Mar-2018

  Came in for an overnight stay on 3/3/2018...Found a great facility and friendly people! When I got home I was recording my fuel usage and discovered I was charged for more fuel than I could have possibly used, so I called back on Wednesday and asked if they could check their records. The quantity on my invoice checked out with their log sheets, so I thought that was the end of it. However, a few minutes later I was called back & was told that after further investigation they found the error and would be crediting my card - what GREAT customer service!
From Helen Woods on 02-Mar-2018

  These people were wonderful! I found myself ferrying a plane home across the country in the winter. I pulled in to the FBO just as they were closing late one evening. They found me a hotel, got me a discount on the hotel, told me where to eat, and loaned me a crew car for two days while it snowed. They plugged my engine preheater in the day before my departure and helped me pull my plane across an icy ramp to the sun to melt before I left. Fuel price was very reasonable and the people wonderful. You can't ask for more!
From Dale Thompson on 17-Sep-2017

  Stopped at KBMG and Cook Aviation as an overnight stop in our C172. After landing and taxi to the ramp, several people from Cook Aviation's line service met us. They were very friendly and professional. They topped off my fuel tanks within minutes of parking. I chose to store our plane in their hangar overnight and before I left for the hotel the plane was already towed to the hangar. Cook Aviation's FBO's facilities were very nice and clean. I found the prices of fuel and hangar to be reasonable. I highly recommend Cook Aviation at KBMG and would most certainly use them again. Oh and the cookies they provided were a nice touch too.
From Richard Harrison on 13-Sep-2017

  I came in for a fuel stop fleeing a hurricane. I got very prompt and friendly service, a nice clean facility, and great Jet-A prices. Thanks, Rich
From Carl Marbach on 07-Aug-2017

  If only more FBOs were like Cook! Everything an FBO should be: Great Line staff, Friendly people in the office, fair fuel prices and great crew cars. They were simply: Terrific.
From Bill Peyton on 05-Aug-2017

  Flew in for the day to drop off a friend in town. They loaned us the Cadillac crew car and sent us off with fresh cookies. What more can you ask for!
From Brenton Taussig on 30-May-2017

  Flew in for a wedding...What a wonderful experience! Had our rental car all ready, great service, super friendly & helpful. I wish all FBO's were like Cook.
From Carol Foy on 12-Aug-2016

  Deciding to divert behind weather to a fuel and overnight stop while airborne is always dicey. Will the FBO be open to help with a hotel, transportation, or fueling to continue your flight down the airway? An enthusiastic "YES" to all by Cook Aviation! After shutting down, the line staff listened to my needs, promptly tied me down, helped me with the aircraft cover, and drove one of their new Cadillac courtesy cars to the plane. By the time I walked into the beautiful newly remodeled Cook terminal, the CSR had a hotel contacted, located it on a map and wished me a pleasant night. The initial anxious diversion morphed into a relaxing evening. Next morning as the plane was being fueled, I bumped into Rex who back in 1999 helped make the Air Race Classic terminus a positive, enjoyable experience for us lady racers. So nice to reminisce! And, so nice to know the exceptional service I received by unexpectedly dropping in is the norm at Cook Aviation. Thank you so much!
From Eric Toler on 27-Jun-2016

  Unexpected weather stop due to big CBs. Staff were very helpful, got me a great room rate, tied the plane down better than I could have, and were super helpful late on a Sunday afternoon. Next morning had to take some business calls, and they offered a quiet, comfortable back room. Yes, not the cheapest fuel, nor the most expensive - but the small premium is worth it for the hospitality & great service. Recommend
From Ken Sutton on 14-Apr-2016

  KBMG is a fantastic refueling stop. Easy in and out, with very friendly and professional controllers, very nice approaches, and wonderful facilities. Cook Aviation is truly top-shelf! They are always extremely helpful, professional, and friendly. It doesn't get better than Cook Aviation at KBMG!
From Conor Herget on 02-Apr-2016

  Based our plane there for 2.5 weeks, the staff was great, low fuel prices and very professional environment! Much better than the other FBO!!!
From Rosalie Schuler on 08-Feb-2016

  Recently had the misfortune of unpredicted icing just prior to plans of making an evening flight home while at Cook Aviation. The entire staff was amazing. Instead of locking the doors so the could go home, they stayed over an hour past closing, patiently helping while waiting, as we checked weather status reports and possibilities. We thought we had a chance to leave at one point and they started icing our aircraft. Luckily, a jet took off and radioed actual ceiling and icing report that differed from AWOS and briefing. We were stuck. Cook Aviation then offered us a car to drive to our destination. We are so grateful for the generosity that Cook Aviation and the great employees showed us during this situation. We could have been stuck in a taxi, hotel situation but they turned it into positive experience. Thank you!!!
From C. Bud Symond on 15-Dec-2015

  Stopped in on my way to WI. Always my fuel stop, and as usual Superb service. Thank you to all at Cook Aviation. Totally new interior of the FBO, it looks Great!
From Michael McKendry on 17-Nov-2015

  I used to come in here about 8 times a year for four and a half years. Always a good experience - friendly, helpful folks. Raining on arrival - Caddy met the plane... Complete redo of the facility - new entry, new lobby, flight planning, crew lounge - Absolutely OUTSTANDING! Miss the awning (grin).
From Rosalie Schuler on 17-Sep-2015

  Favorite airport to stop. Always greeted to park. Great courtesy car to grab a quick meal. Friendly staff. Good full service fuel prices. And cookies too! Thank you Cook Aviation!
From Phil Webb on 08-Sep-2015

  Great customer service! Really appreciate all the great service we received when we arrived for an overnight stay on 8 Sept 15 due to Weather. Staff was very friendly and dedicated, a courtesy car was promptly provided, and they assisted us with hangaring a historic Stearman biplane. My many thanks to a very kind and professional staff! Well done! JPW N42PW
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