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Fontainebleau Aviation

Welcome to your gateway into Miami, Fontainebleau Aviation. Our modern-luxe facility is your FBO haven with premier accommodations, anticipatory service and access to our family of properties. A trip to our facility introduces you to an exclusive experience. We invite you to enhance your arrival under the largest canopy in the southeast region, gain access to 235,000 SQ. ft. of hangar parking, leasable office space, onsite maintenance and detail amongst other premier services. Our facility branches throughout 52 acres of land providing dual terminal access. Flying private has yet to be this elite. The foundation we build upon emerges from the extraordinary Fontainebleau name. Our fundamentals derive from a standard of excellence.
Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport
ASRI 131.775

14200 NW 42nd Ave
Opa Locka, FL 33054
United States of America

Fax 305-953-5837

Vice President of Aviation : Bobby Courtney
Office: 913-485-9675

Brand Manager: Alexsandra Camargo
Office: 954-560-9701

Sales Director: Anthony Banome
Office: 718-344-3638

 NATA Safety 1st   U.S. Government AIR Card   U.S. Customs Service   CAA Preferred FBO   AEG Fuels   Everest Fuel Preferred   Fly Louie Alliance   Phillips 66® Aviation Contract Fuel   WingPoints™ Rewards   Contract Fuel   Courtesy car   Go Rentals 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Contract Fuel
  • First Class Hangar Space
  • Executive Suites
  • Onsite 145 Repair Station
  • Onsite Aircraft Detail
  • A/V Equipped Conference Rooms
  • Quiet Crew Rest
  • Full-Service Concierge
  • VIP Access Turnberry Properties
  • Go Rentals cars on site
  • Unique II Worldwide limo service on site
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: 24/7
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.96
Jet A Full service    $5.11
Discounts: Please Reach out to Anthony Banome, FBO Director of Sales
Prices include all taxes.
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From James Matthews on 11-Feb-2020

  I have been to many super bowl events and the way the ramp was kept so organized during all the craziness was amazing! I am very impressed with the smooth flow of arrivals and departures I witnessed at this FBO. It was a little pricy but the service was incredible.
From Stacy Husby on 05-Feb-2020

  Called to give them my arrival. CSR talked so fast and unclear that I had no idea whom I was speaking with. I requested a ride to the Fontainebleau Hotel and she said they did not do that and I would have to pay for car and driver. I told her we have had this service in the past. She put me on hold then advised me we had to take on 600 gallons of Jet fuel and give her the reservation numbers of my client at the hotel. She said she would call back. She never did. I called three times total. Finally talked with Kevin. He too spoke extremely fast. Could hardly hear him. Had to give him ALL the information all over again. He said the other CSR went home for the day. He called me back to say he arranged the car and driver. He asked if there was anything else he could do for me, I barely had time to say no, and he hung up. I have never felt so rushed, unimportant when calling an FBO. Next time we fly into OPA we will use a different FBO.
From George Prasinos on 21-Jan-2020

  Beautiful facility and good looking CSRs but in need of some serious changes. I provided credit card for fuel charges and while standing next to the counter I was given the receipt. Although fuel quantity and price were correct I didn't notice that they charged someone else's credit card until after I got back home. Trying to have them reverse the charge and bill me properly was as difficult as when I first called to announce my arrival. Giving info over the phone requires repeating everything many times; these folks are consistently not focused and they don't care either. Fees are excessive and minimum fuel required to waived fee is too much of a quantity and overpriced. Management needs to do more to improve customer service...
From Dan Herr on 04-Jan-2020

  Another terrific visit at Fontainebleu. I couldn't ask for a better CAA FBO.
From J T Solano on 13-Oct-2019

  AMAZING SERVICE!!! During the past few months I have been using Fontainebleau at KOPF for my FBO needs in Miami. I had become used to slow service with line crews that behaved like the keystone cops at Opa Loka FBOs. I went to Fontainebleau once I realized that they were a CAA facility and could not be any more pleased. With them a "quick turn" is just that, at the other facilities at a minimum it takes 30-40 minutes, at Fontainebleau I have made technical stops for fuel in 15 minutes. The prices are also good under the program. The FBO has managed to get all the pieces working together, front desk and line crews working as a unit, greatly appreciated.
From Daniel J Lawrence on 28-Apr-2019

  Watch out they charge an outrageous ramp charge to drop a passenger off. Fuel charges are also way out of line as well.
From Steve Webster on 18-Apr-2019

  Dropped in here again yesterday - I gave them a bad rating last time, largely due to the cost to park a single engine A/C there for the day ($90) which really is ridiculous. The service however was good, but still think this FBO (and frankly the others at OPF) are all over priced. I get it IS S Florida, but the North Perry airport 6.5 nm north is free to park for the day!
From Steve Webster on 28-Mar-2019

  I have been in an out of here a few times in the past. Service is fine but I looked at the bill yesterday - $90 to park a single engine Cessna for the day! Likely my last time there. Will find another FBO, or a different Airport in the area that does not charge almost half what it cost to fill the tanks on my plane just to park the thing for the day.
From Jack Arceneaux Sr on 15-Jan-2019

  Nice facility, lousy service unless you’re in a GV or bigger. These people are slower than Signature in KBED, and they are horrible. Expect to wait up to 45 mins for fuel. 10 line people riding around on golf carts doing nothing. Put vending machines in somewhere, that over priced self checkout thing is dumb..
From Dan Herr on 02-Jan-2019

  Nice facility and nice people. I wish more FBOs were like this. Always a pleasure to visit here. Line guys were very helpful - gave me a parking spot out of the way where I could lock the rudder on my King Air 350. This is a great CAA location.
From Patrick Reilly on 23-Dec-2018

  You know what they say, "you can put lipstick on a pig but underneath it's still a pig". Nice new building but the service is still the worst. Unless you are a GV or equivalent your service level is zero. Our PC-12 doesn't measure up to their standard I suppose. Even with the free parking for C.A.A. members, I would rather pay to park and receive decent service. Lots of C.A.A. places to choose from in South Florida. Twice now waiting 35 min for fuel and GPU. No fuel trucks even moving and not a line guy in sight. No significant aircraft movements either. Won't be back here.
From Alex Montgomery on 19-Mar-2018

  Incredibly beautiful facility inside and out. Great service. Line guy was a little rude, but no complaints overall. Compared to other FBOs, this felt like the Ritz. My guests were extremely impressed. Only $30 to park my single engine piston for the day without fuel.
From Bob Mames on 18-Feb-2018

  We received the royal treatment from Fontainebleau FBO; from the line to the front desk, everyone was welcoming and wonderful. A special thanks to Aneika, for going above and beyond. Even though we are a high performance single engine piston, we received the "Global 8000" attention. Thank you.
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