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Pensacola Aviation

Fly into paradise! Pensacola Aviation is your doorway to "The world's whitest beaches", the home of Naval aviation and a historical city, beautifully preserved and full of night life, outdoor recreation and constant up and coming changes that will make you never want to leave!
Pensacola International Airport
ASRI 129.575

4145 Jerry L. Maygarden Road
Pensacola, FL 32504
United States of America

toll-free 1-800-874-6580
Fax 850-472-0391

ARINC 129.575
UNICOM 122.95

 U.S. Government Contract Fuel   U.S. Customs Service   CAA Preferred FBO   Contract Fuel   Crew cars   Enterprise Rent-A-Car 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Jet A and 100LL
  • Aircraft Parking (hanger and tiedown)
  • Passenger Terminal
  • Pilot Lounge/Snooze Room
  • Aviation Accessories
  • Catering
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Rental Cars
  • 5 Courtesy vehicles (SUVs, minivan and sedans)
  • WSI
  • WI-FI
  • Complimentary Snacks and Coffee
  • Doggie Treats!
  • Shower
  • Rates on Hotels at the Beach
  • Awesome Staff!
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: Open 24 hours 365 days a year!
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.05
Jet A Full service    $5.70
Discounts: The CAA FBO on the field, Avfuel Contract Fuel, UVair, Colt, Angel Flight, and volume discounts
Prices include all taxes.
All line personnel have been trained with the Avfuel Quality Assurance Program which includes all requirements for 14 CFR Part 139.321. We are the DLA contract holder on the field. Ask about our fuel volume discounts, avtrip points and contract and discount fuel programs.  
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Brent Reddick on 05-Aug-2018

  Used PAC for our beach trip to Navarre. All of the military bases along that stretch make for limited choices to go. The FBO is great. Very welcoming from the phone calls before arriving to the actual arrival. Rental car pulled right out to plane and they even rolled out a nice little red carpet. The kids loved this little touch even though I'm not sure they were old enough to catch the humor. I certainly didn't feel out of place even in my pa32. Fees were reasonable and it was nice being on the opposite side as the commercial operations. Much quieter and less intimidating. Will use PAC again. FWIW our house we rented was equidistant to Destin executive. I liked Pensacola / PAC much better overall.
From Phil Webb on 24-Jul-2018

  A hearty Thank You to PAC for their unwavering & annual support of Veterans Flights 2018. With 13 Stearman's, 2 T-6's', and 30 World War II veterans to fly - their kind support is "Mission Critical, " Once again the PAC Team has been most helpful & supportive! Bravo! VR, JPW / N42PW
From Jim Lied on 23-Jul-2018

  Recently flew into PNS for short meeting. When Enterprise failed to bring us a rental, the folks at Pensacola Aviation allowed us to use a crew car. Great people, great service. Will use them again!
From Pete Gutmann on 19-Apr-2018

  Pensacola Aviation was very supportive and helpful during a recent stop, which became extended for several days due to a mechanical problem with my RV-6. My thanks to all at Pensacola Aviation for your help and patience.
From James Price on 11-Mar-2018

  Flew our Mooney into PNS for the night. Great hospitality and service. We refueled, so the other service fees were waived. They also arranged a great hotel for the night. (Hilton Garden Inn). Great experience.
From Steven Scott N107PM and N930MR on 07-Mar-2018

  The folks at Pensacola Aviation are great and couldn't be nicer, but the overnight parking fees are absurd, even with the purchase of fuel at $5.98/gallon (first night waived). Charges for Malibu parking were $55/night. I also fly a Mooney and that charge is $25/night. For me, it makes coming in for a multi-night stay prohibitive.

Response from Katie Hill, Manager, Pensacola Aviation
Thank you Mr. Scott for bringing the overnight fee pricing subject up. We have since reviewed all of the rates we charge for aircraft parking on our ramp overnight and we agree with you that our prices were too high. We have reduced this rate considerably, with the first night still waived with the purchase of fuel. Hope to see you back here at Pensacola Aviation soon!

From Phil Webb, N42PW on 19-Jul-2017

  Once again, it's hats off and many thanks to the Staff, Management, and Ownership of PAC for their gracious and overly kind support of VETERANS FLIGHTS 2017. On the weekend of 7-8 July, we had a ramp full of Stearmans and were able to fly 28 WW2 Veterans and our 17 USN Ensign volunteers. A great annual event and perennial local area favorite, we obviously could not do it without all the kind and generous support of PAC. Again, Thanks so much! Stearmans Forever!
From Matthew Farr on 22-Oct-2016

  Very nice folks inside and outside the FBO. HOWEVER...They wanted to charge a $50 ramp fee (for a Baron) just to drop off a friend (or buy 25 gallons of rather expensive gas). To be fair, the fee was waived after I complained, but goodness gracious, can't one be in and out in 15 minutes without someone trying to empty your pockets?
From Steve Schoettle on 06-Sep-2016

  PAC continues to excel in customer service. Have never used the other FBO on field, but haven't needed to. PAC is always top notch, from their line personnel, to the desk ladies. Rental cars are brought to your plane, there is plenty of help loading and unloading, and they will even walk your dogs while you unload! Cold water, Gatorade, and cold beer a welcome sight after a long flight. Can't go wrong with PAC, will continue to use them for all my flights to PNS.
From Richard DesPortes on 18-Aug-2016

  What a great FBO, smiling faces helpful staff highly recommend stopping in nice complimentary refreshments
From Bradley Pierce on 20-Jun-2016

  Fantastic service from a very friendly team of individuals! I stop here often for fuel stops between Texas and Florida and always get a super fast quick turn. Today I stopped in and used one of their crew cars, which was brand new and clean. Highly recommend this FBO!
From Ryan Wheless on 14-Jun-2016

  In my past life I was a corporate pilot and now I am an aircraft owner and fly for my on pleasure. As a result of my aviation experience I have been to FBOs all over the country. None of them compare to Pensacola Aviation Center. The staff here is very friendly and accommodating. There is no question they want your business and appreciate you being there. Nothing like cracking a cold beer, having a slice of pizza and cookies after your flight while waiting on your car. There are always plenty of crew cars which PAC is very generous with. These folks know how to run an FBO and provide stellar service that is unmatched. I look forward to my next trip to Pensacola.
From Richard DesPortes on 11-Feb-2016

  Flew in to Pensacola a few weeks back what a great experience. Katie was very accommodating as our passengers rudely drove off in the crew car of ours and left us the flight crew to swim for ourselves. Great prices and top notch ground crew thanks hope to see you all again soon.
From Mike Harwood on 04-Feb-2016

  Outstanding service and easy in and out for our Cheyenne! Great fuel price.
From Phil Webb, N52PW on 09-Dec-2015

  My grateful thanks to Pensacola Aviation Center for their gracious support of the 74th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. It was a great great event, and such a great way to honor great Americans who were there and survived that "dastardly" attack! Great job by all the staff for pulling off a great event! Every one was so kind and so helpful! I'll be back next year for the 75th!!!
From Jim Carriere on 26-Nov-2015

  I parked my airplane here for a weekend. Helpful, prompt, and cheerful staff. Full service- tiedown, rental car brought to the airplane to download luggage, airplane properly fueled, and nice clean facilities inside. Thanks!
From Joe Melsness on 31-Oct-2015

  Excellent customer service. I wish my travels brought me through here more often. As a pilot this is the best FBO service ever. As I have to wait they offer food and drinks. No other FBO compares I think. They go above and beyond
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