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Roundup Airport

at Roundup Airport

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  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
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  • Courtesy transportation
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Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: 24 hours a day
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.30
Jet A Self service    $2.95
Prices include all taxes.
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Contact information
Address:15596 US Hwy 12 W
Roundup, MT 59072
United States of America
Telephone: 406-323-1662
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From Dan Levin on 13-Nov-2017

  Roundup is a small, rural airport just north of Billings, MT. The runway and ramp are well maintained. Be aware the runway is sloped, quite heavily up towards the west at the west end (i.e. you are going up hill as you roll out if you landed on 25, or downhill as you start rolling for departure on 7). I landed on 25 and chose to depart against the wind on 7 as a result. Avgas and pre-mixed Jet-A are both available self-serve. The Jet-A pump is aging a bit - the hose just barely reached my far wing (park close!), and the pump was a bit slow. But the price was very fair, by far the cheapest in the area, and everything worked just fine. The GA terminal has an electronic combo lock on it with a combo that pilots will easily understand. It is very basic, but warm, and there is a bathroom (again, very basic, but fully functional). A good quick fuel stop with no frills. There is a courtesy car available.
From Harry Bladow on 14-Aug-2017

  Stopped for fuel going East on 7/13/17 and on 8/7/17 going West. The new door and combination lock to get access to the pilot planning room is a great improvement!! Thanks. The fuel pump receipt printer worked OK on the first stop but did not work on the second stop. It would be good to have a couple chocks available at the fuel pump. I finally found one stone to use as a chock.
From Brad Benson on 22-Sep-2015

  Stopped in a few days ago in a Cherokee Six while flying from Alaska back home to Texas. As stated by others, the lock box didn't work to access the pilot room. I assumed the car keys were inside the room, so had no access to the car either. I got gas, peed next to the gas pump while trying not to blow away in the wind, and hastily left. Maybe the issue is that the frequency for the lock box isn't what's listed in the current Garmin database? I just updated my GPS, so I know it's right, but maybe the box uses the old Unicom or CTAF or something? I was frustrated and tired. Maybe I'll have better luck next spring.
From Harry Bladow on 12-Aug-2015

  Stopped for fuel Tuesday 11 August 15. The price had already increased 10 Cents per gallon, but still the least expensive in the area. Access to the pilotís room worked, restroom was clean and well stocked with paper. The phone worked to call FSS. AND, since it was later, we decided to stay overnight. Access to the courtesy car key is in a lock box by the car, same combination as the lock to the pilotís room, and both worked fine!! Thanks for the courtesy car, the only way to get into town. I topped off the car fuel tank. Departed at sun up Wed 12 Aug. Thanks for a good experience.
From Harry Bladow on 14-Jul-2015

  Stopped for fuel going East 7/1/15. Pump worked OK but could not get access to the "pilots lounge". Stopped for fuel 7/8/15 going West. The hose real was locked up tight with about 15 feet of hose available. A Grumman pilot had to manually maneuver his airplane to get fueled and I had to do the same. When I got to my destination in Oregon, I called the listed phone number and reported the problem, which was not known. And again, I could not get access to the "pilots lounge". From a previous comment, I am not the only pilot who has that difficulty at Round Up.
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