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McKinney Air Center

Welcome to the McKinney Air Center, Your North Dallas Business Connection.

McKinney Air Center is an AWARD WINNING FBO! VOTED #1 in the nation for 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2014 Pilots' Choice Awards by Flight Plan. In addition, TKI's Control Tower was named #2. In 2014, our city was named #1 on the list of Best Places to Live in America, published by Money Magazine. The accolades don't end there. For the second year, McKinney Air Center was chosen as the #1 FBO in the nation. The Pete and Nancy Huff Air Traffic Control Tower was ranked #3. In 2014, both the McKinney Air Center and the Air Traffic Control Tower were voted #1 in the Pilots' Choice Awards.

In addition to recent improvements to the runway and air traffic control tower, McKinney Air Center FBO has received a full renovation. The renovated building features a welcoming atmosphere with a pilot's lounge, media room and other amazing amenities.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to make your visit more pleasurable. If you ever need our assistance, please feel free to contact us directly at 972-547-3401. We look forward to serving you at McKinney Air Center and are glad to be part of your travel plans. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Thank You,
McKinney Air Center
McKinney National Airport
UNICOM 122.95

1500 E. Industrial Blvd
Suite 201
McKinney, TX 75069
United States of America

Fax 972-547-3425

Andrew Griffin
FBO General Manager

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • #1 US FBO by Pilots Choice Awards 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2014
  • #6 US FBO by Pilots Choice Awards 2015
  • Quick Turn Service
  • US Customs Clearance
  • International Trash Disposal
  • VIP service
  • Passenger Stairway for B727,B737, B757, A318, A319, A320,A321,DC9, MD80, MD90, ERJ190
  • Pilot Sleep Rooms
  • Onsite Car Rentals
  • Controlled Climate Hangars
  • Contract Fuel
  • Complimentary Coffee and Ice
  • Gourmet Catering
  • Overnight /Extended Stay Hangar Space and Tie-Downs (G5 Size)
  • Red Carpet Care
  • Lavatory Service
  • Aircraft De-Icing
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Ramp Side Vehicle Access
  • Self-serve pump
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.39
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.89
Jet A Full service    $4.39
Jet A Self service    $3.89
Discounts: Volume discounts offered.
Prices include all taxes.
Self-serve pump available.  
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From Andrew Ellison on 03-Aug-2020

  Friendly staff and very nice facility. Lots of dining choices in nearby downtown.
From Alan Bewley on 20-Jul-2020

  Of course I left my glasses in the rental car. Fear not, Catherine ran outside, located them and shipped them via FedEx the next morning. Thank you so much!
From Truky Robins on 23-Jun-2020

  AWESOME is the word that I would use to sum up my experience with McKinney Air Center. When what should have been an overnight stop turned into a 3-day ordeal, Michelle (Queen Michelle as far as I am concerned) & the rest of the crew jumped in to make sure that my daughter & I were well looked after. Queen Michelle even turned my daughter on to the massage chair, which is where I lost her for 2-days, leaving me able to fully take care of what I needed to do to get us back in the air & onto FL. Despite being in a LSA, the only difference between the treatment that I got, & the pax & crew of the biz jets, was the red carpet that they got when the plane stopped. I got compassion & empathy for my Mx situation, line staff that were eager to help me out, & CSR's that made sure that I we had all that we needed! Thank you McKinney Air Center!!
From Zachary Daniel on 05-Mar-2020

  I am a CFI based out of TKI, and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. The line guys are the best around, and the FBO staff is wonderful, always friendly, and always going above and beyond. Bad weather days aren't so bad when you're stuck inside with such quality people.
From David Patterson on 02-Aug-2019

From John S Rogers on 19-Jun-2019

  Folks treated us like we were the most important customers in the world, even though we arrived in a two-place experimental. Justin, a line guy, helped us unload our bags and put the cover on the plane for a two-night stay. Justin brought around our rental car and loaded our bags. While we were checking in for the rental car, Justin moved our plane to the tie-downs and secured it properly. Our outbound experience was just as great. Highly recommend this airport.
From James Porter on 30-Nov-2018

  Average experience. Only one other airplane parked on the ramp and I parked where directed. Only staying for 3 hours. Lineman asked about towing my airplane somewhere else. I taxied about 100 feet to another area. Paid $10 ramp fee. Got my rental car. Returned and was asked for the $10 fee again before I left. Get your rental from Enterprise, about $10 cheaper than Go. Car will be at FBO when you arrive.
From Chapman Mays on 24-Oct-2018

  I flew in right at sunset as storms in the area had just moved through. From what they told me apparently both ADS and DAL had essentially shut down during the height of the weather and many planes had diverted to TKI. By the time I arrived, the ramp was clear but it sounds like it had been very busy for everyone. Even though it was a long day for them, they treated the plane and me very well. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. This is a first class operation from top to bottom.
From Bill Bennett on 27-Sep-2018

  Excellent FBO with great customer service. I am based here but the place is done first class all the way around. There is currently construction for the new FBO/Terminal building but should not impact aircraft operations.
From Tom Dwyer on 16-Mar-2018

  Dropped off passengers with a Beechjet on a Sunday morning. Great facility, professional line service, accommodating CSR's. Would stop again in a heartbeat.
From Rich Gorkes on 16-Nov-2017

  Great experience - very friendly line staff that assisted us with our luggage. Interior of FBO is exceptionally nice. We could see why they are the Top Rated FBO in the US...They deserve it!
From Jerry Mitchel on 07-Jul-2017

  I have flown into KTKI many times and have always been impressed. I fly into many locations around Texas both for business as well as personal and have always been very happy with the service at KTKI. From the line crew to the front desk and the general facilities it is always a pleasant experience.
From Eric Gomez on 04-Jul-2017

  This place is amazing. The ambiance of the FBO screams pilots. I was here for a couple of days debating a project in Colorado and in the commotion I forgot my overnight bag! Never fear, Kesta to the rescue is near! After a quick phone call, Kesta and Amanda managed to recover my bag from the rental car and FEDEX it to Albuquerque overnight. These people are great and with their support I have never felt more taken care of. FBO of the year? I can see why.
From Tony Martin on 09-Jun-2017

  Extremely helpful and friendly, one of my most favorite places to go.
From Daniel Peterson on 02-Jun-2017

  Very nice facilities, friendly professional line crew and CSR, excellent customer service! Dropped in to pick up pax, had to fuel though due to timing. They waived our fees for the turn & burn.
From Don Johnston on 16-Nov-2016

  This is how an FBO should be run! Clean, friendly and helpful. Prices are very good for an airport of this size. Highly recommended!
From Charles Soechting on 21-Oct-2016

  We recently flew into McKinney to attend an event at SouthFork Ranch with our family. We simply could not have been treated nicer or more professionally than we were. I served as an airport commissioner at my home base for years and know how much a pleasant experience means to an out of towner. Our experience with this group was simply wonderful. Your employees were all happy, and very pleasant to talk to, not to mention, helpful.
From David Kleinschmidt on 23-Sep-2016

  In a recent trip around the country in a 50-year-old Piper Cherokee, my wife and I found ourselves in a number of very good high end FBO's. In none were we treated better than at McKinney Air Center. They were busy but took time for us just as if we came in there in a Gulfstream or Falcon. These people are at the top of their industry. The facilities are second to none. Any future trip to Dallas for us goes through McKinney Air Center...
From Thomas Main on 17-Sep-2016

  Thank You Janine! This young lady really took great care of us when we stopped for refueling. This was my second stop in McKinney and this is one of the best run FBOs I have every experienced. What an asset. I am the airport authority chairman for my home airport back east and wish I had such a well run operation based at our airport. It truly draws people in and can be a boost to the whole community. If the rest of the city is as well run as this airport then it is a place I would want to invest my money and time. Keep up the good work.
From Billie Williamson on 11-Sep-2016

  I think that the McKinney Air Center is outstanding. I have been a student at KTKI as well as having our company plane land there when they come to get me. The people are very friendly and the service is very responsive. You only have to ask for help once and it is taken care of. The ground crew people are very helpful and do a great job and are "Johnny on the spot". The people are encouraging and helpful to students. I actually started my lessons at another airfield and hated it. McKinney has made my training very enjoyable and it is fun to come to the airport. I especially liked the ice cream bars over the summer. That was really a great touch in the Texas heat. Thanks to the whole team who are truly excellent.
From Ben Cook on 11-Sep-2016

  Great stop, very friendly staff, ice cream, coffee, and the whole works! Self-serve was on the fritz from some rain the night before (why don't they have the standard cover on the self service pump pay station?). They brought the truck over and fueled us at the self-serve price. Great stop, I'll be back!
From J Williams on 05-Sep-2016

  Flew in for a soccer tournament with a group of four. The staff reserved a car for us ahead of time. We pulled up to the FBO and were greeted immediately. I was not even out of the plane before the gentlemen on the line began cleaning the windshield. Our car and the front door were both within 50 feet. We were greeted inside by a friendly staff, ready with cookies and ice cream for the kids, and several other refreshments. We were out the door in 10 minutes. The departure was equally exceptional. First class all the way...I highly recommend!
From D.R. Hill on 27-Jul-2016

  July 25, 2016 Staff was amazing, best service I've experienced in many a trip across the USA both as a professional corporate pilot and also as a private aircraft owner.
From Bruce Shipp on 08-Jul-2016

  We base a warbird at TKI and always receive outstanding service. From the line to the desk we could not ask for more friendly and professional service.
From Wade Mayfield on 06-Jul-2016

  My wife and I flew in for the Fourth of July weekend. The staff couldn't have been any nicer or more accommodating. And they have free ice cream bars! I look forward to going back.
From Gene Lee on 01-Jul-2016

  From the line crew to the gals at the front counter, no one could be more helpful and cheerful! The FBO is a 1st Class operation as well.
From Jack Younger on 14-Jun-2016

  Got diverted for weather needed a quick turn GPU, they got me immediately taken care of and no charge for the ramp or GPU. OUTSTANDING!!!
From Mark Mueller on 07-Jun-2016

  Fast and friendly service! Got fuel and a rental car. Janine took total care of us. Thank you for the amazing service and taking the personal time to give us special attention. We will definitely be back! Returning to Austin. Thanks again Janine.
From Manuel Scott on 06-Jun-2016

  I flew into TKI in a PA-32, and the team at the McKinney Air Center provided the most helpful, outstanding service I've received. After doing weight and balance, I discovered that I was 50 pounds too heavy. Anthony brought out 3 5 pound buckets, and personally de-fueled the plane for me. Jay and Calvin took good care of our plane, offering to hangar her in case of storms, and the outstanding women behind the counter made sure we had an SUV available, shipped some luggage for us. All of the find folks at McKinney should be commended for their great attitudes and unparalleled customer service. They have ensured that this will be my new FBO home whenever I'm in the Dallas Area. I'm not just saying this. I really mean it. I appreciate every little thing they did to make my family and friends comfortable!
From Enrique Bougeois III on 17-May-2016

  Fantastic experience overall. The ladies up front, Margaret and Janine where extremely friendly. The line guys greeted us and fueled the aircraft promptly. We also had BBQ in a restaurant called Hutchins and it was amazing.
From Harmik DerSahakian on 04-May-2016

  Flew in this morning for a business meeting. The folks at Air Center know what service is about. Janine and Margaret made us feel at home and were a great help. Thank you for your help and hospitality Ladies. Two thumbs up. We will be back.
From Rick Boone on 01-May-2016

  No delay. Margaret and the guys were outstanding.
From Bill Siebold on 27-Apr-2016

  I was treated cordially and Margaret arranged for a hangar to wait out a storm. Great facility, friendly staff!
From Lloyd White on 25-Apr-2016

  Absolutely awesome experience!! Margaret was fantastic with information and rent car arrangements. The line crew was excellent in helping with our bags. When we returned to the airport for departure, our plane was completely secured on the ramp and turned into a very significant wind. ATC at McKinney is the best around!! Highly recommended!!
From David M. Banta on 17-Apr-2016

  04/17/16 Diverted to KTKI for weather. Margaret and the crew could not have been more helpful getting the plane in the hangar just before the rain hit. Rent car and we where heading home in less than 20 minutes. Back later to fly on home and they had already fueled the plane and I beat the next round of storms. Great experience. Thank you all. The Banta's
From Michael Dean, N348N on 15-Apr-2016

  What a great experience we had recently at McKinney Air Center! Everyone is courteous and professional. We could not have asked for better service from Margaret and the rest of the team. Excellent facility that ranks with the best I've been to. Looking forward to another visit soon. Keep up the great work. Thank you,
From Mark Holmes on 04-Apr-2016

  We arrived on short-notice, after hours. Jay and Jimmy were efficient and knowledgeable on the line, and Kesta had taken care of our lodging and transportation requirements with aplomb. We received the same great service from Margaret, Janine, and Justin when we departed the following morning. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. We look forward to returning.
From William Garner on 22-Mar-2016

  Called McKinney Air the day before my arrival merely to ask where I could get a rent car on a Sunday afternoon, and their reply was, "Well, we have cars. Would you like one of ours?" It was ready when I arrived, and Teia made the paperwork really easy, as well as arranged for my "8 gallon per side" request. Very helpful people, and a beautiful new-looking facility just 25-minutes from Dallas on the turnpike.
From David L. Jones on 12-Mar-2016

  McKinney Air Center is a very nice facility and the folks are very friendly. Just wanted everyone to be aware that they now have a minimum fuel purchase for light jets. I was there today flying a Cessna 525 CJ, the minimum upload was 200 gallons. I told them it was out of line for this aircraft. Most places require 120 gallons or less. If I put 200 gallons on each leg, I would not be able to carry passengers. The lady at the front desk assured me that all neighboring airport had a similar requirement and they were in line with what others were doing. When asked for an example, she could not name a single airport with a 200-gallon requirement for a CJ. This policy needs to be eliminated or revised. Until then I will go somewhere else in the Dallas area.
From Steve Baggerly on 22-Feb-2016

  Great place. They are the friendliest folks and will do anything to help you from fuel to hangers. Can't go wrong by stopping here!
From Eddie King on 17-Jan-2016

  Super nice folks with excellent service. Would stop there any time
From Lee Holmes on 29-Dec-2015

  Flew into McKinney for the Christmas holiday. Even surrounded by corporate jets, the staff provided equal care and courteous attention to my Navion and me. When damaging storms were forecast, the ramp crews went out between storms to ensure my plane was securely tied down.
From Ed Grestini on 23-Dec-2015

  Visited McKinney Air Center on Dec. 21 & 22. One of the best FBOs I visited in a long time. Margaret took care of not only our flight needs but set us up with rooms and transportation at a great price. Kudos to her and the great line service personnel.
From Daniel Lusk on 30-Nov-2015

  Excellent service! We decided to give McKinney a try after getting tired of all of the congestion and high fuel prices at Addison. What a great experience! Conveniently located right off of I-75 we were in downtown Dallas in less than 30 minutes.
From Robert Davidson on 12-Oct-2015

  GREAT FBO! Janine and the crew behind the desk are fantastic and Justin, Blake and the rest of the Flight Line are top notch. Always happy to help, smiling, friendly, and very courteous. My favorite place to fly into is McKinney Air Center. Plus ATC is great and no near the hassle Addison is.
From Andrew Cruce on 12-Oct-2015

  Flew into KTIK today. As always a delightful experience. Great airport, great service. Rental car was waiting for us along with a line crew - Justin - to help us unload. In and out in no time. Best airport we have found in the Dallas area with very good fuel prices. About 20 minutes from Plano.
From Kent Keller on 11-Oct-2015

  My first trip to KTKI exceeded expectaions! the super friendly FBO staff made getting in and out very easy. $20 over night ramp fee or buy 5 gallons av gas.... Crew cars available for 2 hours at no charge. If you are hungry I highly recommend Hutchins BBQ in McKinney about 15 minutes from FBO. Award winning BBQ. I will say the best I have ever had... True story!
From Kyle Jansen on 08-Oct-2015

  I flew in today to meet some old friends at McKinney Air Center and they didn't even charge a ramp fee. They were right there if we needed anything. This place has my vote and treats all the smaller airplanes the same way as the Jets minus all the fees other FBO's charge. I'm excited for the new ramp and FBO building to open. I'm excited to see what this airport is going to be like in the near future. Keep up the good work!!!!!
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