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Known for its beautiful weather and breathtaking views, San Diego is a popular year around vacation destination for every age. From the historic Gas lamp District with great nightlife and entertainment, to the shores of La Jolla which star some playful seals. America's Finest City is home to many of America's bravest servicemen and women, popular conventions, and air and boat shows. With Signature San Diego's location in the heart of downtown, you are guaranteed to reach your next meeting or much deserved break, in a matter of minutes.
San Diego International Airport
ASRI 129.975

3300 Admiral Boland Way
San Diego, CA 92101
United States of America

Fax 619-298-7021

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • 100LL Line Service
  • Jet A Line Service
  • Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (Prist)
  • Aircraft Maintenance 3rd Party
  • Signature Status and TailWins
  • Signature QuickTurn
  • Aircraft Parking Long Term
  • International Trash Disposal
  • Overnight Hangar
  • Potable Water
  • Transient Hangar Space
  • 114,000 sq. ft. Hangar
  • 122,000 sq. ft. Ramp
  • Courtesy Cars
  • Customs and Immigration on Airport
  • Speaks: English, and Spanish
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours:  24 hours a day/7 days a week
Arrivals only from 2300L to 0630L
100LL Avgas Full service    $7.365
Jet A Full service    $8.016
Discounts: Weekend TakeOff: 50 cents off per gallon of AvGas.
Ask Base about any other additional discounts.
Prices include all taxes.
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From Nora Snelling on 09-Apr-2019

  Having worked in the FBO and private jet industry now for 13 years I have a hard time believing that Signature has not caught on that they have some of the worst customer service out there. Last night I brought our Heavy Jet in there with the owner- I talked with 3 people over the phone and emailed to confirm that the rental SUV's would be planeside and that all the paperwork would be filled out etc. - client gets here and the FBO is not busy at all...The "customer service" reps just point to the parking lot and says the cars are out there and that they still need to fill out the paperwork... All this great service for $950 ramp fee. This may seem like a little thing to some - but customer service is all in the details. Hopefully one day the higher ups at Signature will wake up and realize the terrible service they are giving.
From Ted Louis Glenn on 07-May-2018

  Excellent service. I arrived at a slow time so they shuttled me to my accommodations even though they were outside their usual shuttle area. 50 Cents per gallon weekend discount on 100LL. Minimum fuel purchase waives $39 handling fee and 50% of $50 overnight fee.
From Glenn Reynolds on 07-Feb-2018

  We got exactly what we expected, great service, great facility and expensive. In truth in advertising they scored five stars. We are a single engine piston and found this stop worked for us.
From Jim Ratichek on 26-Dec-2017

  Quick update to my prior review: I called the manager and they refunded the ramp fee as per their original quote. Thanks for doing the right thing! I've always found Signature to be a professional experience and I appreciate you taking care of the problem.
From Jim Ratichek on 28-Aug-2017

  This is the only time I've left a negative FBO review. Called ahead to get pricing flying a friend's Malibu into SAN. The girl quoted me a handling fee and minimum fuel to waive. When she found out it was a Malibu, the handling fee doubled but did not change in minimum fuel. When we arrived, we were charged the full fee and the fuel load, as we couldn't take 60 gallons plus our payload. The guy at the desk was combative, even causing people within earshot to snicker and grimace at the exchange. You need to honor your quotes, even if you quote incorrectly.

Response from Mario Murillo, Duty Manager, Signature Flight Support
Mr. Ratichek, My deepest apologies for any confusion and inconvenience you may have experienced. As our Customer Service manager I would be more than happy to speak to you personally and remedy the situation. Feel free to call or write to me directly. In order to make your next experience more enjoyable, please provide the dates of your visit or aircraft tail number. Thank you

From Joe Farrell on 26-Jun-2017

  In 14 Jun 0ut 15 Jun Top mains - $6.80/gal I asked for a van ride to Gaslamp noonish - too busy - sorry Asked for a van ride back - 9a 15 Jun - too busy - Thankfully they waived the handling fee and half the overnight cause all they did was park and fuel - expensive yes. Convenient - yes. Polite and efficient. Thanks
From Art Friedman on 16-Feb-2017

  A solid, high-end FBO, but you pay for it. I came in to pick up a passenger and was marshaled in by three linemen. My passenger got there early and paid the $55 handling fee for my C210. They let her out on the ramp when I told them I didn't need to go in, and we were off again.
From Tim Katzakian on 05-Oct-2016

  There were no surprises at Signature... I was really pleased at how they took care of us. We arrived in a single engine Bonanza and were treated like we flew in in a GV....We will be back.. it was easy and convenient and we were very pleased with everything. Thanks Signature!!
From Kyle McElwain on 27-Sep-2016

  Yes fuel is expensive but other than that Signature SAN is wonderful. Very helpful, pleasant, and efficient staff. Also, Go Rentals has provided excellent service to our passengers over the years. We wish they were still on site at the FBO but will continue to use them for their amazing service.
From Don Ferguson on 17-Aug-2016

  Signature/KSAN is a full-service big airport FBO that surprisingly may work for even a light general aviation pilot. The tradeoff here is the high gas price/modest overnight fee vs. avoiding a car rental. The latter can be accomplished either by a short ride that Signature is happy to provide or by accessing the excellent local transportation, which could include the nearby trolley or utilizing Uber. Do call ahead for current fees. The service is outstanding. Land at equally wonderful but cheaper KMRY if you need to rent a car.
From Nick Bultman on 08-Aug-2016

  We all know Signature prices are always too high and we try to avoid them due to the sticker shock. However, in KSAN there is one FBO so Signature we go. Outside of the high prices, they do a (GREAT) job taking care of the passengers and crew with good amenities! Here is my reason for 3 instead of 5 stars. -1 star for the crew rest areas. They are no insulated and the TV on in the crew room can be heard through the walls. There also is no way to keep the door locked so others canít come in while you are taking a nap. -1 star for switching to National Car rental. Go Rentals is an amazing rental car company for Corp aviation. Loosing them to National was huge mistake in my eyes.
From Eric Shalov on 11-Jul-2016

  Always world-class service with a smile, even when you arrive in a little C172 and buy 10 gallons of gas. Signature recently moved into a beautiful new building with all the comforts of a classy FBO. Ramp hands met us near the taxiway and showed us where to park and offered to help with our bags. Desk staff was friendly and helpful and lent us a free crew car for two hours, and they waive most fees with an adequate gas purchase. WARNING: ALWAYS CALL AHEAD!! After a few dozen visits, I was surprised by a $100 EVENT FEE once because I happened to land the same night as a Major League baseball game, and they explained that on days of certain events (like Comic-Con), everyone that lands pays an additional $100 event fee (even if you're not there for the event). Don't get caught off-guard- call ahead and check.
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