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Monroe County

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Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 24 hours a day
Fuel prices as last reported on 10-Oct-2018
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.25
Jet A Self service    $3.25
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:350 Airport Rd
Madisonville, TN 37354
United States of America
Telephone: 423-420-0563
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From Haley Williams on 06-Oct-2018

  Tom, Tom, Tom... What a kind human he is! We had a wonderful experience at this airport. If you're hungry, Tom is usually whipping something up in the kitchen. If you need fuel, the prices are great. You will not regret stopping at KMNV.
From Bob Davis on 14-May-2018

  Not my first stop but coffee always available as well as real ice water. Often Tom is cooking for a quick bite. Lounge great, Wi-Fi access and staff and owners very friendly - EAA'ers, BFA'ers, etc. TV in lounge and kitchen. Small flight school here with good instructors.
From Ron Gabler, Seaplane Pilot on 18-Apr-2018

  Excellent mountain country airport and even better hospitality by the airport manager, Tom. Highly recommended for even more reasons. I will surely stop here for fuel and welcome when flying in this beautiful neighborhood.
From Tom Sullivan on 27-Jan-2018

  Landed yesterday with my Mooney Rocket for fuel on our trip from the U.P. Of Michigan to Spruce Creek Florida and my right main brake was locked on landing. I was stuck on the runway and a bunch of locals came out with jacks, a dolly, and a tractor to get us and our flat tire Mooney to the ramp. They supplied me with tools, assistance, a serviceable tire and tube and I was on my way to Florida with no more than a 2-hour delay with the most ridiculously cheap bill. Needless to say we took care of Tom and Cale. What an impressive FBO!!!!!
From Richard DesPortes on 07-Jan-2018

  Flew in to Madisonville Saturday a week ago what a great place Tom and his staff are a class act can't wait to visit again soon Great fuel prices nice FBO Friendly people
From Eric Bradley on 11-Oct-2017

  Stopped in for some gas on the way to south Florida. Pumps had tripped off overnight but the manager had them going in no time. Thanks for taking care of us and thanks for a great facility.
From G. Cox on 28-Aug-2017

  Flew in for the 2017 total solar eclipse and was greeted warmly by the owners and staff. For an airport that handles only 20 planes a day, they did an outstanding job running 80+ planes in and out efficiently. There was good food, entertainment and most importantly... SHADE! Thank you for a special time... See you at the next one! Looking forward to seeing the group shot!
From John Wilson on 23-Aug-2017

  5 Stars is not even CLOSE to enough for this airport. We just returned from a family flying trip to witness the eclipse. Tom (airport manager) and his amazing crew (Charlie on the field, Ashton at the pumps and many others all around) really showed us what it means to be welcoming, generous and hospitable. They invited us and many others to camp on the airport grounds and somehow managed to get over 100 airplanes parked without an incident. They had a seemingly endless supply of food and drink and even arranged for some local musicians to come and play for us in the hangar before the eclipse. They pulled out all the stops and everyone had a great time enjoying the event. After it was all over and I was trying to decide if we were going to leave Monday or spend another night in the area, Tom offered to cook us breakfast if we did stay. We couldn't have chosen a better spot to witness the spectacular eclipse. KMNV gets my highest recommendation. Oh, and the fuel is cheap, too!
From Julie Jones on 22-Aug-2017

  Monroe County Airport recently hosted the August 21 eclipse celebration. As you have already read here, airport manager Tom is a fantastic guy. From the line guys, to the girl inside cooking waffles, to Tom buying everything needed out of his own pocket and cooking lunch to host about 200 people at this event was outstanding. Cheap gas too. It was an awesome experience with fellow aviators. Thank you Tom, for being a gracious host and one of the nicest guys ever!
From Phillip Lamm on 22-Aug-2017

  GREAT staff, facilities and fuel prices. Spent the day there to watch the total eclipse. They had a fly in with food, drinks (non-alcoholic) and music. Will come back again!
From AB Ravelo on 22-Aug-2017

  Tom and his staff were outstanding. What a nice little airport. They set up a nice Eclipse activity. They placed fond memories in so many people young and old. This is my new stop in my 2 yearly trips NJ to New Orleans.
From Sam Lindsey on 30-Jul-2017

  The fuel pump phone line was out, but the folks at MNV fueled up my hungry Mooney on the way from Florida to Michigan. Great place to stop, easy in and out.
From Jeffrey Guy on 19-Jul-2017

  Was there 07/18/2017 always a great stop. Good fuel price. Great people, Tom brewed fresh tea for me. Great.
From Tom Roush on 23-Mar-2017

  The first thing you notice is that everyone is friendly. If you just need gas, it's likely someone will come greet and help you. Need a mechanic? We have a great one. Hungry? Borrow the crew car and drive into town for some country cooking, or maybe the airport Manager will fix you something. Best fly in breakfast in the area every 2nd Saturday. Y'all come!
From Clark Jernigan on 19-Mar-2017

  It's very easy to do self serve quickly here. It is a delightful place to stop.
From James Lee on 17-Mar-2017

  The airport has 3 planes for rent, there are 15 or 20 shirt tails on the wall, the gas is the cheapest in the area, there is a car to run to town, food and drinks inside, and access anytime with the code on the door. The fuel system works well and easy to use. The airport is the best it's been in a long time.
From Ben Turner on 15-Mar-2017

  KMNV consistently has some of the least expensive fuel in the state, good lighted runway, AWOS, 24/7 accessible self service fuel (with pumps in great condition and easy to find/operate), a safe and warm lounge area with a couple of couches you can crash on if you're truly desperate and weathered in overnight (and a shower even), computer for checking weather/email/etc, free Wi-Fi, and a free courtesy car. We added 10 new t-hangars last year. It's not staffed all the time. Airport manager Tom McCosh comes and goes but is one of the most accommodating people you'll meet, and his cell number is posted on the door. My only complaint about KMNV is it's not closer to my house!
From Doug Estey on 15-Mar-2017

  Generally speaking I would like to thank the Monroe County Airport for always providing a good experience to the people that visit their Airport. My home Airport is fairly close to Monroe County as is the home Airport for many other pilots. It is, common knowledge for us local pilots, Monroe County usually has the least expensive fuel in this area. It is also a very fun placed to visit because of the friendly people on the field. I have had my plane at the Monroe County Airport for fuel several times in February and March 2017 and have always had a good experience. I have been purchasing fuel here for several years now and have never had a problem with the fuel that I have purchased. Also, while the Airport is an older facility, I always found it to be clean, well maintained, and most of all safe. My experiences have been so different from one comment in February 2017 that I am concerned that the gentleman on his cross-country flight must have landed at a different airport.
From Juliette Cosh on 14-Mar-2017

  My "go to" airport for fuel whenever I'm in the area. GREAT breakfast stop on the second Sat of the month!!
From David Kraft on 14-Mar-2017

  My wife and I (both pilots) are relocating to the area. So we are looking for a home for our two aircraft. We crashed MNV monthly pancake breakfast and were met with open arms. Tom is the most friendly airport manager ever. The next day we rented a C150 and went sightseeing. The runway is paved and great. This place is general aviation at its best. Can't wait to fly in. I'm sure Tom will have a grilled cheese waiting.
From Timothy Tipton on 13-Mar-2017

  Nice airport. Great fuel prices lured me in. Friendly folks, stocked fridge with snacks and a clean bathroom will keep me flying in and out.
From Charlie C. on 13-Mar-2017

  Tom, the airport manager, is one of the nicest, most helpful airport managers that you will meet! When he's onsite he's always greeting everyone with a friendly smile (and oftentimes a delicious meal!) KMNV is the kind of airport that draws in new pilots! Friendly, helpful group of pilots can usually be found hanging around the FBO. Fuel is priced fairly and more competitively than any of the surrounding airports! Stop in for a visit the next time your travels bring you into the area. You'll be glad you did!
From Mike Fleming on 11-Mar-2017

  The airport is fantastic, clean and friendly. I made an unscheduled stop to avoid a storm and they provided a meal and van to get to see my folks. Thanks for the pilot omelet and all the conversation and awesome fellowship. God bless!
From Kevin Ross on 15-Feb-2017

  Stopped on a cross-country. The place is a total pigsty and deteriorating rapidly. The place was filthy inside. If they aren't maintaining the facility. I question whether the fueling system is being maintained and whether or not the fuel is safe??
From Jeffrey Guy on 06-Nov-2016

  11/06/2016 Arrived very early in the morning, no one there but good credit card fueling system. You can get into the facility using the Unicom frequency numbers. Nice facility, good fuel prices. Would come back again.
From Robert Smith on 10-Apr-2016

  We stopped for fuel and dinner on our way from FL to Michigan this weekend. I called Tom the airport manager and he had the courtesy van ready for us upon arrival after hours. Easy to use Self Service fuel at great prices and a nice dinner downtown at the Patio Restaurant and we off in 90 minutes after landing. We use MNV as one of our favorite fuel stops heading north from FL.
From Michael Godfrey on 19-Jan-2016

  Bought my first plane, now its time to go somewhere not to far from KCSV. Got some passes from a client to see the lost sea in Madisonville TN. There's an airport there, called Tom the manager at KMNV. Come on down, have a car for you, here's a great place for lunch, Donna's Café. Tom led us to the Lost Sea so we wouldn't get lost, no pun intended. Great lunch at Donna's, enjoyed the Lost Sea. Thanks to Tom my first trip was an enjoyable success.
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