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ACI Jet North

We are an independent FBO located at John Wayne -- Orange County Airport (SNA). Our friendly staff is available to serve all your ground service needs from fueling, catering, valet to hotel and rental car accommodations. We can be reached via call, text, or email with your reservation details, and we will ensure your travel experience is as effortless as possible.

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John Wayne/Orange County Airport
ASRI 131.10

19301 Campus Dr
Santa Ana, CA 92707
United States of America

Fax 949-209-3085

Text: (949) 344-2450

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Pilots Lounge
  • Snooze Room
  • Free Drinks
  • Free Snacks
  • hangar
  • GPU
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Nitrogen (N2)
  • Potable Water
  • Lavatory
  • Towing
  • Air Stairs
  • Air Start
  • Car Wash
  • Oils
  • Conference Rooms
  • Coffee Ice & Papers
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: Open: 0500 to 2300
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.94
Jet A Full service    $4.09
Discounts: $0.50 off retail for 1,000+ gallons
$0.60 off retail for 2,000+ gallons
Prices include all taxes.
Prist: $0.10  
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Don Thomas on 30-Oct-2020

  Used Flightbridge to notify my arrival and rental request. On arrival, I had to give all my details to the front desk again who were kinda rude and unfriendly. They did not honor my rental request but instead booked with Go Rentals who are onsite and more expensive. ACI has lost half its ramp space to JSX so itís always a cluster!
From CFI Vince on 02-Feb-2020

  Flew in on a Saturday afternoon on a pristine SoCal VFR day in my single engine piston. The ramp and customer service staff was top notch. Treated me like we were in a jet, buying 250 gallons of Jet A, but no. Today we only topped off with avgas, adding 20 gallons of 100LL. I used their texting communication feature to let them know I was coming, ask for a crew car and get their fees ahead of time. Very accurate and prompt replies! No fees if you're there under three hours. Free, first come first serve, nice clean new crew car and complimentary drinks / snacks. Highly suggest patronizing ACI Jet at SNA!
From Joe Timmons on 20-Oct-2019

  Upon arrival gave my fuel order and departure time to the CSR followed up with a phone call before returning to ACI. When our group arrived to depart airplane had not been fueled and was not on the line to leave. This is the 3rd trip this has happened
From Claudette Colwell on 12-Aug-2019

  Extraordinary service from ACI Jet. Could not have asked for better service or amenities.
From Mike Magnell on 27-Jun-2019

  On May 11, 2019 I flew my Cessna 180 to SNA to pick up two passengers. I used ACI Jet and it was first class all the way. Their service was courteous and professional and they were very busy that day with planes all over their ramp. I just want to say thank you very much and I will be using ACI Jet again!
From Ed LeBlanc on 07-May-2019

  EXCELLENT FBO for me with my lowly Warrior. Reasonable fuel price for a large airport, $25 tiedown fee, no other fees (with top off) and an easy 10 minute walk to the main terminal, which made using a hotel shuttle very practical.
From Tanner Piety on 07-Apr-2019

  Great service! I've visited ACI at SBP many times, glad to see the same great service and attention to detail at their SNA location. Came in to drop someone off on a Friday night and returned to pick them up Monday afternoon. Made a reservation ahead of time and upon arrival, we were marshaled in right away and the fuel truck was standing by. Beautiful facility, friendly and helpful staff, and very reasonable prices. Thank you!
From Carnell Chappelle on 10-Nov-2018

  Class Act!!! I got a last minute call last night from the niece, she wanted to visit for the holiday weekend. (UCI student). Called Atlantic and they wanted $30 bucks for just a 30 sec stop on their ramp! I then called ACI and they waved the fee as long as I was parked less then 3 hrs. I only needed 5 minutes. The easy choice was ACI. They are GA friendly!!! The staff helped my niece. This was her first time being picked up at a FBO. They made her feel like royalty even though she was flying in her Uncles beat-up 182. The staff behind the counter were super friendly and helpful. The line guy was quick and offered help. This last minute trip became a fun late night flight and thanks to ACI and their professionalism, the pickup was a breeze and easy. This won't be the last trip to SNA, and with that, I look forward to using ACI again. If you are GA, ACI is where you want to go.
From Alireza Alivandivafa on 10-May-2018

  Following up on my previous comment, these guys just do such an amazing job. I arrived in a Tiger and was parked in a great spot among all the jets, big twins and turboprops. I changed clothes once in their very clean bathrooms and then they sent me to the excellent pilot lounge when I came back. Plane was fueled, as requested, and the price was very reasonable (less than the AirNav site - possibly a discount because the plane is part of a large club). No fees and offers of food from the job fair they were having and anything I wanted from the fridge. I can honestly say ACI is the model of what FBOs should be. Anywhere they have an FBO, I will give them my business.
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