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ID City Name
KANPAnnapolisLee Airport
KMTNBaltimoreMartin State Airport
KBWIBaltimoreBaltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
W48BaltimoreEssex Skypark Airport
W00BowieFreeway Airport
KCGECambridgeCambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport
0W3ChurchvilleHarford County Airport
W32ClintonWashington Executive Airport/Hyde Field
KCGSCollege ParkCollege Park Airport
W41CrisfieldCrisfield-Somerset County Airport
KCBECumberlandGreater Cumberland Regional Airport
1W3CumberlandMexico Farms Airport
KESNEastonEaston Airport/Newnam Field
58MElktonClaremont Airport
W42FallstonFallston Airport
KFMEFort Meade (Odenton)Tipton Airport
KFDKFrederickFrederick Municipal Airport
KVKXFriendlyPotomac Airfield
KGAIGaithersburgMontgomery County Airpark
KHGRHagerstownHagerstown Regional Airport-Richard A Henson Field
2W5Indian HeadMaryland Airport
W50LaytonsvilleDavis Airport
2W6LeonardtownSt Mary's County Regional Airport
MD1MasseyMassey Aerodrome
2G4OaklandGarrett County Airport
KOXBOcean CityOcean City Municipal Airport
KRJDRidgelyGooden Airpark
KSBYSalisburySalisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport
1N5SalisburyBennett Airport
W29StevensvilleBay Bridge Airport
3W3StevensvilleKentmorr Airpark
KDMWWestminsterCarroll County Regional Airport/Jack B Poage Field
2W2WestminsterClearview Airpark

The above list contains only public use airports and may be incomplete.
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